Andrea Cattabriga – Slow Growing succulents: a natural approach.

Time: Tuesday 7 November 2023 at 7.30pm (GMT)

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Andrea Cattabriga's Zoom talk, November 2023.

We are extremely pleased to welcome Andrea Cattabriga to talk to the BCSS zoom meeting on Tuesday 7th November at 19.30 (GMT)

Andrea is widely recognised as one of the finest growers of Cacti and Succulents in the world and is the proud owner of Mondocactus.  Andrea is perhaps best known for his ability to grow the slower cacti of Mexico and has a reputation for growing very good Ariocarpus and allied genera.  This talk is an absolute must for those that enjoy growing these plants.

Biography – At the age of 58 I can now recognize my autistic nature with my obsession with succulent plants, which have influenced all my life choices since I turned 14. In this long period of time all my attention has been concentrated in the study, in the dissemination and ultimately in the careful cultivation of these extraordinary organisms, which led me to the creation of a nursery with which to support my compulsive nature and which, in fact, almost concentrates exclusively plants that I don’t sell, because I am deeply in love with them.

In this existential madness I explored the technique of natural cultivation which, through respect for the physiological needs of plants and their vital times, allows us to obtain healthy individuals completely similar to those who live free in their natural habitat.

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