The BCSS Research Committee invites applications for grants for research projects that will provide new information on the biology, propagation or cultivation of succulent plants. Research proposals with immediate and direct application to the interests of the BCSS membership are a priority. Grants will normally be limited to a maximum of £2,000, though larger grants will be considered for exceptional projects. You can find details of how to apply for all of the BCSS grants here.

Over the last decade, the Society has supported many research projects, helping to gather fundamental knowledge about the succulent plants we love, and also to nurture specialists in the field to benefit both science and the hobby. Each project is summarised in either CactusWorld or Bradleya so that members can learn about the discoveries.

The committee judges projects on their scientific value and relevance to the interests of the Society’s members. If you would like to contribute to the effort to understand species, how they grow and where they are threatened, you can do so by donating. It doesn’t matter how small your donation is – everything helps!

Recent research grants were awarded to these projects:

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