Combined Branch Events Diary for 2024

Compiled by Chris Leather. Is your branch not listed here? Do you know of events not listed yet? Please let us know!

Around the country each month there are many Branch meetings where you can meet like minded enthusiasts and have the opportunity to enjoy interesting talks by visiting speakers. Often at Branch meetings there are plants for sale too. If you don’t regularly go to meetings, or have never been before, please consider supporting your local branch.

This list is not exhaustive (not every branch has submitted information). It gives a flavour of what our meetings are about. If you are attending a Branch for the first time please check the relevant Branch website for the most up-to-date information about any particular meeting.

Note that Branch Shows and other events likely to be of wider interest to the BCSS are also listed on the Shows, Regional and National Events page.

All BCSS meetings are open to everyone. You do not have to be a member to attend (although if you are not a member we hope that you may be encouraged to join!) Some branches may charge a small admission fee to cover the cost of the venue.

Last updated: 01/01/2024.

Date Branch Talk Title Speaker Synopsis
03 January 2024 Norwich Sempervivum and Jovibarba Laurie Poulson Plus practical session on cultivation
05 January 2024 Chester and North Wales Evolution of the Cactus Family Part 1. Looks at the innovations that allowed the family to evolve and radiate but for a branch audience. Ivor Crook Zoom Talk
05 January 2024 Hull East Africa Part 2 Neil Hyde
05 January 2024 Southend-on-Sea and District TBC Colin Cutler
08 January 2024 Huddersfield TBA Peter Hoyle
08 January 2024 Macclesfield and East Cheshire Bolivia  - Part 15 : Searching for Sulcos Martin Lowry
09 January 2024 Stoke-on-Trent Cultivation of Cacti and Succulents Elizabeth Maddock Everyone's growing methods are slightly different- plenty of discussion expected
10 January 2024 High Wycombe Northern Mexico' Chris Davies
10 January 2024 Teesside ‘Pot Luck’ Mike Stansbie
11 January 2024 Chelmsford Central Mexico Prof Frank Sengpiel, University of Cardiff
11 January 2024 Northumbria Branch nostalgia and mini quiz Ray Stephenson Reminder of our dispays '23 + What folk grow in Mediterranean countries.
11 January 2024 Rother Valley Winter-growing succulents / Cultivation Alan Bromley / members A short talk about plants that grow in the UK winter, plus our annual chat about the cultivation of cacti and succulents
12 January 2024 Sheffield 1) Random Shots in the Greenhouse and 2) Stemless Mesembs Horace Kennewell, BCSS Library Some Sheffield Branch history, as well as many well grown plants to see
13 January 2024 Gloucester AGM and plant auction
13 January 2024 Isle Of Wight Show and Tell
13 January 2024 Manchester Succulent Masterclass (combined live and zoom meeting) Gillian Evison
16 January 2024 Birmingham and District Branch Meal. The Junction Harbourne Branch Run A chance to socialise and chat over a meal and drink. Parking in Harbourne.
17 January 2024 Herne Bay and District AGM and Auction
18 January 2024 Chelmsford Plant nutrition and Members' evening Dr Richard Rolfe
20 January 2024 Portsmouth and District Turbinicarpus Julian Cooke
20 January 2024 Reading and Basingstoke AGM and members' slides Zoom
23 January 2024 York Up and Down in Peru Peter Beresford
24 January 2024 Bromley AGM/Plant doctor /Plant ID/Members slides AGM and general chat
27 January 2024 Dover AGM and Bring and Buy Auction Dover Branch Committee The Annual General Meeting of the Dover BCSS Branch in line with our branch constition. Our annual Bring and Buy Auction for branch funds.

Date Branch Talk Title Speaker Synopsis
01 February 2024 Clacton-on-Sea Adventures in South America Ron Crawford Plus Branch AGM
01 February 2024 Wiltshire 2024 Seed sowing workshop Mike Read and Derek May Updatee on previous years seedlings and opportunity to sow some more.
02 February 2024 Chester and North Wales Adventures in Central Mexico Frank Sengpiel Zoom Talk
02 February 2024 Hull More Bobbing About Bob Hall Another walk around my life interests
02 February 2024 Northampton and Milton Keynes Galapagos Tour Trevor Wray
02 February 2024 Southend-on-Sea and District Cacti of North Argentina Dr Hazel Taylor
07 February 2024 Norwich Huntington Gardens Mike Harvey Plus members' auction
08 February 2024 Chelmsford ZOOM meeting - Travels in Arabia Alan Butler, Malaga
08 February 2024 Northumbria South Africa #4 Richard Torr Continuation of adventures with wild and cultivated plants.
08 February 2024 Rother Valley European Sedums in Habitat David Sheppard Hardy and alpine succulents described by an expert in this field
09 February 2024 Sheffield 1) Growing from seed and 2) Succulent Question Time 1) Mike Thewles 2) Sheffield expert panel 1) Advice on growing C and S from seed, with free seed to start you off. 2) Bring any plant for which you don't know the name, or want cultivation advice - can our expert panel give you an answer?
10 February 2024 Fife The National Show 2022 Various Photographs of exhibits, discussion and Q/A
10 February 2024 Gloucester Members' short talks Mike Domanski (Tylecodon) and Philip Moor (Gymnocalycium)
10 February 2024 Isle Of Wight Conservation
10 February 2024 Manchester Plants I have owned and lost and some I own today Brian Doherty
12 February 2024 Huddersfield My Plant Journey part 2 Ess Green
12 February 2024 Macclesfield and East Cheshire AGM + Quiz
13 February 2024 Croydon The Year in Flowers-Part 2 Dave Ilett Talk will be a photographic reference of plants in flower from July to December.
13 February 2024 Stoke-on-Trent Plants I Have Owned and Lost, and Some of Those I Own Today Bryan Doherty I think we can all empathise with the title !
14 February 2024 High Wycombe ‘Texas 2019’ Martin Edwards
14 February 2024 Teesside South Africa Revisited Richard Torr
15 February 2024 Chelmsford Exploring all the 'A's Brian Cradwick
17 February 2024 Portsmouth and District Bring your named plants for ID N/A Member's Evening
17 February 2024 Reading and Basingstoke A new love (Dudleya's) Simon Snowden Zoom
20 February 2024 Birmingham and District Mexican Night, an evening of new short films, Nachos and Agave juice drink Branch Run Several films about Mexico will be shown and these reveal a lot more about some of the plants we love - both cacti and succulents
20 February 2024 Bristol The Other Desert Plants Alan Goldsmith
21 February 2024 Herne Bay and District Members’ Talks
21 February 2024 South Wales Echinocereus Julian Cooke Table show: Echinocactus group, Opuntia group, Espostoa subgroup, Echeveria subgroup, Agave group, Pelargonium group
22 February 2024 Grampian (N.E.Scotland) Book Sale (provisional)
22 February 2024 Oxford From JI to lava rock; what do habitats tell us about growing cacti? Dr. Curt Lamberth I am sure that you may know Curt, a chemist now an environmental consultant, who’s been growing cacti for 50 years.  He has a passion for finding out what makes things tick, and applies his talents of inventing, designing and building equipment and analysing data for projects like tracking and monitoring wild mice, measuring the effect of ash-dieback on woodland microclimates and checking water quality in our rivers.  He has an interest in raising cacti and orchids from seed and has been trying to solve some of the trickier problems of cultivating cacti.  Tonight is a unique opportunity to hear about some of the solutions Curt has worked out along his 25 year long journey from John Innes to lava rock.
24 February 2024 Dover The Elham Valley Martin Newcombe Something different from a branch member talking about our lovely local scenery, folklore, history, wildlife and more. Cutting through the chalk between Canterbury and Folkestone, the Elham Valley is a typical bit of old chalk countryside within the North Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.
27 February 2024 York History of York Branch David Slade
28 February 2024 Bromley NE Mexico part 2 Dr. Hazel Taylor Part two of Hazels travels around NE Mexico.
29 February 2024 Brighton, Hove and District Marvellous Mammillarias Graham Evans

Date Branch Talk Title Speaker Synopsis
01 March 2024 Chester and North Wales Rebutia (and much more) in Argentina Ralph Martin
01 March 2024 Hull Big Bend National park and the Southern Rockies Graham Walker
01 March 2024 Northampton and Milton Keynes Crassulas Everywhere Derek Tribble
01 March 2024 Southend-on-Sea and District Favourites Stirling Baker
05 March 2024 King's Lynn Namibia 2017 Ron Crawford
06 March 2024 Leicester Namibia re-visited Or Mexico Alan Brown
06 March 2024 Norwich Madagascar Ron Crawford Summer table show begins
07 March 2024 Chelmsford ZOOM meeting - Where North meets South - The cacti of Mendoza and Neuquen Elisabeth Sarnes
07 March 2024 Clacton-on-Sea Monotypic genera Julian Cooke
07 March 2024 Wiltshire Agaves I have known' Keith Flanagan A history of the plants grown by Keith throughout his lifetime with photographs and cultivation guidelines
08 March 2024 Sheffield Hardy Succulents Ray Stephenson Ray organises the Sedum Society, and holds the Sedum National Collection, but his knowledge extends well beyond Sedums.
09 March 2024 Gloucester Canary Islands: Tenerife and Lanzarote Frank Sengpiel
09 March 2024 Isle Of Wight TBA Cliff Thopmson
09 March 2024 Manchester Hardy Succulents Ray Stephenson
11 March 2024 Huddersfield Just 2 More Days Ian Robinson
11 March 2024 Macclesfield and East Cheshire Plant ID and Surgery
12 March 2024 Croydon Down Mexico Way Alan Bromley Alan from Rother Valley branch tell us about a cactus hunting expedition to Mexico
12 March 2024 Stoke-on-Trent Succulent Karoo Biome part 2 Andy Young Second half of the South Africa talk from a couple of years ago
13 March 2024 High Wycombe ‘Defeating Drought - a Tour of South African Biomes’ Derek Tribble
13 March 2024 Teesside Remembering Colin Norton Bob Hall
14 March 2024 Northumbria More wonderful Echinocereus Peter Beresford
14 March 2024 Rother Valley To be advised TBA
15 March 2024 Spalding Doing Things Our Way Carlos Zeferino
16 March 2024 Havering Small Opuntias in habitat and culture Mike Partridge
16 March 2024 Portsmouth and District Los Angeles County Arboretum and The Huntington Benjamin Turner to be confirmed
16 March 2024 Reading and Basingstoke American travels Stuart Riley Chapel Hall
19 March 2024 Birmingham and District Brazil - Part 1 Martin Lowry Martin is a amateur botanist with a particular interest in South American Cacti, especially those of Andean Bolivia. There is still much to discover and he recently discovered and described a new genus of cactus.
19 March 2024 Bristol North West Argentina Ian Woolnough
20 March 2024 Herne Bay and District What’s New Stuart Riley
20 March 2024 Somerset ‘Southern Peru 2009’ Cliff Thompson
20 March 2024 South Wales Western Cape Hazel Taylor Table show: Pachycereus subgroup, Mammillaria group, Thelocactus group, Aeonium subgroup, Crassula subgroup, Peperomia group
21 March 2024 Chelmsford Ramble through the collection Julian Cooke
21 March 2024 Exeter Mexico - January 2022 Ian Woolnough Note: 3rd Thrusday of the month
21 March 2024 Grampian (N.E.Scotland) Plant of the Month A-G
26 March 2024 York Succulents of Parnossas Ray Stephenson
27 March 2024 Bromley A few days in Patagonia part 5 - the middle bit. Mike Partridge Further travels in Patagonia. Covers landscape, cacti, alpines, animals and birds.
28 March 2024 Brighton, Hove and District BCSS National Shows Bill Darbon
28 March 2024 Oxford Sulcorebutias Les Hewitt Les may be familiar to some of you who were at the last Branch Show with The Haworthia Society he is a committee colleague who is responsible for the Societies advertising at shows. In edition to The Haworthia Society Les is one of the BCSS approved judges . Tonight he will be presenting a talk on the Sulcorebutia group of plants, this is a group he grows well,so I am sure we will have some wonderful pictures of these plants in flower and that he will be able to pass on some of his experience growing this group of plants/
30 March 2024 Dover Cacti and Succulents of NE Mexico Part 1 Hazel Taylor This is a trip through North Eastern Mexico, starting from Mexico City and travelling via Pachuca through the Sierra Madre Oriental as far north as Tula taking in the famous and scary Barranca de Toliman on the way. We see many wonderful cacti of the area , succulents as well in equal measure as well other flora we encountered along the way.

Date Branch Talk Title Speaker Synopsis
02 April 2024 King's Lynn Arizona Byways Trevor Wray
03 April 2024 Leicester Thelocactus Julian Cooke
03 April 2024 Norwich South Africa Trevor Wray
04 April 2024 Clacton-on-Sea Adventures in Mexico Paul Spracklin
04 April 2024 Exeter The Cactus Shop Ralph Northcott
04 April 2024 Wiltshire Mini Show - What to be aware of when showing your plants Bill Darbon A small seet of classes using branch members plants to understand what the judge will be looking for.
05 April 2024 Chester and North Wales A Beginner's Guide to Caudiciforms Gillian Evision Zoom Talk
05 April 2024 Hull Argentina John Arnold
05 April 2024 Northampton and Milton Keynes Monotypic Genera (or the Oddballs!) Julian Cooke A look at species that are, or have been, in a Genus for them only
05 April 2024 Southend-on-Sea and District American Travels (Plant Sale) Stuart Riley
06 April 2024 Bristol South West Succulent Plant Spring Fair Tony Irons
08 April 2024 Huddersfield 25 Years in Bolivia John Carr
08 April 2024 Macclesfield and East Cheshire Plants and Animals of the Western Cape. Pt.1 Hazel Taylor
09 April 2024 Croydon Bob Dale's Pictures Dudley Baker(Presenter) This will be a presentation of plants photgraphed in his collection and shows by the late Bob Dale.
09 April 2024 Stoke-on-Trent Big Bend with the CSSA 2013 Hazel Taylor Shared speaker, at Macclesfield branch the night before, Big Bend a well known area
10 April 2024 Fife Growing in a mineral substate Colin S Hay and others Help for growing problems, plants, bugs and more
10 April 2024 High Wycombe Flowers of the Pyrennees' Richard Horswood
10 April 2024 Leicester Committee Meeting
10 April 2024 Teesside Baja ’23 Ian Woolnough
11 April 2024 Northumbria Baja 23 Ian Woolnough Cacti and succulents of this peninsular and some off-shore islands.
12 April 2024 Sheffield Cleistocactus Martin Lowry We welcome back Martin from Macclesfield, always a popular speaker, to learn about these South American columnar cacti
13 April 2024 Gloucester Wild Haworthia, not a cultivar in sight Alan Rollason
13 April 2024 Isle Of Wight Question Time Your questions answered, hopefully.
13 April 2024 Manchester Repotting session Jo + all members
16 April 2024 Birmingham and District Curious cacti and selected succulents Ralph Martin Ralph grows cacti and succulents as a hobby, and is Chairman of the Research Committee of the British Cactus and Succulent Society. He regularly gives talks to BCSS branches and gardening clubs. He has lists of plants and journals for exchange or sale. His cactus and succulent field number database is well-known, as is his related database of collectors acronyms.
16 April 2024 Bristol Propagation--A master lesson in seed raising and grafting Alan Weaden
17 April 2024 Herne Bay and District Greenhouse Automation Julian Cooke
17 April 2024 Somerset ‘Fuerteventura’ Chris Hayes
18 April 2024 Chelmsford 3D Adventures in Chile Jonathan Clark
18 April 2024 Grampian (N.E.Scotland) Plant of the Month H-M
18 April 2024 Rother Valley AGM and Plant Auction Note: 3rd Thursday Lots of plants to buy!
18 April 2024 South Wales Harri Lorenzi and the Plantarum Botanic Garden John Hughes Table show: Rebutia group, Parodia group, Strombocactus group, Sedum subgroup, Adromischus subgroup
19 April 2024 Spalding Haworthia Past, Present and Future (How Do You Like Yours?) Ian Armstrong
20 April 2024 Chelmsford Chelmsford Cactus Mart New Village Hall, Rawreth
20 April 2024 Havering Western Cape in 2016 Bill Darbon NOTE - this meeting is now being held on the 13 April
20 April 2024 Portsmouth and District Plant Auction N/A Annual branch fundraising event
20 April 2024 Reading and Basingstoke My plants past but mostly present Trevor Jackman Chapel Hall
20 April 2024 Spalding 16th Spalding Cactus Mart, Holbeach Community Centre, 10.00 to 16.00
23 April 2024 York Grafting Workshop John Carr
24 April 2024 Bromley Chile part 1 Colin Cutler Part 1 of Colins travels in Chile.
25 April 2024 Brighton, Hove and District Harry Lorenzi and the Jardim Botanico Plantarum John Hughes
25 April 2024 Oxford USA David Minnion (Harrow) David may not be quite so familiar although he has been to the Branch before, he is the principal of The Ruislip Group and a member of Harrow Branch. He has travelled widely in the South West States of the USA and has a depth of knowledge of plants that grown in this area, he is very keen on Railways and I suspect apart from one pictures of wonderful plants in habitat there may be a train that creeps into his presentation.
27 April 2024 Dover Echeveria (Species) Dr John Hughes Echeverias are a very large and popular genus which have many lovely new hybrids that we heard about from a speaker last year. So this time we are going to take a step back to look at the species Echeverias.

Date Branch Talk Title Speaker Synopsis
01 May 2024 Leicester The Galapagos islands Trevor Wray
01 May 2024 Norwich Baja California Ian Woolnough
02 May 2024 Clacton-on-Sea Southern Arizona David Minnion
02 May 2024 Wiltshire Travels from Northern Peru 2017 Cliff Thompson North from Lima along the Pacific coast with excursions into the lower Andes, then North and East into the sub-tropical/tropical state of Amazonas, then East and South, back across to the Pacific coast and south past Pisco and Nasca. Haageocereus, Armatocereus, Loxanthocereus, Melocactus, Espostoa, Matucana, Austrocylindropuntia, Oroya, Puya, Mila, Borzicactus, Browningia, Oreocereus, Hylocereus, Tillandsia, Orchids, Rhipsalis and more. Amazing scenery along classic scenic routes.
03 May 2024 Chester and North Wales Plant Auction
03 May 2024 Hull Cactus Evolution Ivor Crook
03 May 2024 Northampton and Milton Keynes Texas Martin Edwards
03 May 2024 Southend-on-Sea and District My Succulent Addicition Chris Coombes
04 May 2024 Bristol The Tom Moggs Memorial Meeting Joint Meeting with the Bristol Cactus Society. Mexico 2022 Ian Woolnough
04 May 2024 Manchester North West Cactus Mart n/a
07 May 2024 King's Lynn General Greenhouse Ramble and Automation Julian Cooke
08 May 2024 High Wycombe ‘A Year in Flowers Part 2’ Dave Ilett
08 May 2024 Teesside Eyecatchers’ David Quail
09 May 2024 Northumbria Eyecatchers David Quail After many years of going to shows - some real gems.
09 May 2024 Rother Valley Baja, Mexico 2023 Ian Woolnough A much-travelled cactophile tells us about his recent visit to this part of Mexico
10 May 2024 Sheffield Texas and Big Bend Les Pearcy From nearby Matlock, Les organises the Sedum Society Seed Distribution, but tonight will be concentrating not on Sedums but on cacti
11 May 2024 Gloucester Plant problems and problem plants Branch forum
11 May 2024 Grampian (N.E.Scotland) Greenhouse Visit to Paul's collection To see the plants at their best, this visit will start from 10am
11 May 2024 Isle Of Wight Cultivation Vicky Davis
13 May 2024 Huddersfield Grafting John Miller
13 May 2024 Macclesfield and East Cheshire Baja part 1:Tijuana to Mulegé Carl Howard-Morton Mexico's Baja Peninsula is a natural paradise that has long held a fascination for cactophiles. In the first of these travelogues, Carl Howard-Morton takes us on a six-day journey from Tijuana on the Pacific north-west, down through the famous Cataviña boulder fields and incredibly arid Vizcaíno Desert, then up into the Sierra San Francisco mountains before arriving in the oasis town of Mulegé on the Sea of Cortez. En route, we'll see many of the endemic cacti and succulents found only in these unique ecosystems and explore some of Baja's rich culture and history.
14 May 2024 Croydon Past but Mostly Present Trevor Jackman Trevor, Secretary, Woking Branch to show his plants now and then.
14 May 2024 Stoke-on-Trent Cacti of the Sierra Madre Oriental Alan Brown Mexican talks are always popular
15 May 2024 Herne Bay and District Cool Customers John Hughes
15 May 2024 Somerset ‘South West USA’ Martin Edwards
15 May 2024 South Wales The Asclepiadoideae – a talk about Stapeliads and related species Tom Radford Table show: Cleistocactus subgroup, Echinocereus group, Melocactus group, Euphorbia group, Stapelia group, Adenia group
16 May 2024 Chelmsford Practical photography Marion Sidebottom, Professional phhotographer
17 May 2024 Spalding Bolivian Adventures Martin Lowry
18 May 2024 Bromley Annual Show Held at Keston Village Hall
18 May 2024 Havering An ABC of Cacti in Flower, Part 2 Graham Evans
18 May 2024 Portsmouth and District Social Evening - Details to follow N/A
18 May 2024 Reading and Basingstoke Inspiration from Tresco Abbey Garden Ben Turner Chapel Hall
19 May 2024 Brighton, Hove and District Open Day at Brenfield in Ansty Tony and Suzanne Mace
21 May 2024 Birmingham and District Aeoniums - in habitat and cultivation Mellie Lewis Mellie Lewis holds a National Plant Collection of Aeonium in Shropshire.  This collection is held in a private garden and conservatory and in a greenhouse over winter.Find out about some of the fascinating 35 succulent plant species of Aeonium, also known as tree houseleeks, all with unusually glossy, waxy leaves arranged in rosettes.
21 May 2024 Bristol The Great Outdoors Paul Spracklin
22 May 2024 Bromley Crassulaceae John Hughes
23 May 2024 Oxford Ethiopian succulents Dr Mike Gilbert It’s been great to have Mike attending our Branch again, He is probably someone that you may not know he has been attached to KEW as an Honorary Research Associate for sometime and has travelled widely in Africa and published many papers on Succulents Plants he encountered on his travels. Tonight he will give a presentation on Ethiopian Succulents this country that has changed greatly in recent times
25 May 2024 Bristol Bristol Cactus Society Show Tony Irons
25 May 2024 Dover Namibia 2007 Derek Tribble A travelogue on his adventures in Namibia in 2007 whilst on expedition with Ernst van Jaarsveld.
25 May 2024 Fife The Annual Show 10am to 3.30pm Free admission, plant sales, refreshments
28 May 2024 York Return to USA part 2 Graham Walker
30 May 2024 Brighton, Hove and District My New Greenhouse Ralph Martin

Date Branch Talk Title Speaker Synopsis
01 June 2024 Northumbria Open Greenhouses Hepscott Mike Stansbie and Richard Torr Stansbies and Torrs
01 June 2024 Sheffield Sheffield Annual Show, incorporating Mammillaria Society Show At the Dorothy Fox Centre, Sheffield Botanical Gardens, 12md to 5pm; free entry; plant sales
02 June 2024 Sheffield Sheffield Annual Show, incorporating Mammillaria Society Show At the Dorothy Fox Centre, Sheffield Botanical Gardens, 10am to 4pm; free entry; plant sales
04 June 2024 King's Lynn Parodia/Notocactus John Arnold
05 June 2024 Leicester South African Safari Graham Walker
05 June 2024 Norwich Melocactus and Discocactus John Arnold Plus King Cup
06 June 2024 Clacton-on-Sea South African Gems 2016 Martin Edwards
06 June 2024 Exeter TBC
06 June 2024 Wiltshire Los Angeles County Arboretum and The Huntington Ben Turner
07 June 2024 Chester and North Wales Cactus hunting in the Sierra Madre Oriental Alan Brown
07 June 2024 Hull C is for Ian Robinson Cactus and Succulents and growing begining with C
07 June 2024 Northampton and Milton Keynes Cool Customers John Hughes A talk on plants to grow with minimum heating
07 June 2024 Southend-on-Sea and District Gardening with Cacti and Succulents Paul Spracklin
08 June 2024 Gloucester Thelocactus Martin Doorbar
08 June 2024 Isle Of Wight Fraileas and all that Jazz Stephen Woods
08 June 2024 Manchester Interesting Cactus Facts Jo Adderley
10 June 2024 Huddersfield If Its Flowers You Want Peter Bint
10 June 2024 Macclesfield and East Cheshire Whistle stop Lithops 2024 Keith Green
11 June 2024 Croydon Cacti of Northern Peru Cliff Thompson Cliff will show us plants from a expedition in 2017.
11 June 2024 Stoke-on-Trent Lithops in Habitat Keith Green Shared speaker, at Macclesfield branch the night before, has rarely spoken in the North
12 June 2024 High Wycombe ‘Sulcorebutias’ Kathy and Keith Flanagan
12 June 2024 Teesside Propagation and Grafting John Carr
13 June 2024 Northumbria 25 years in Bolivia John Carr Exploring Andean heights on horseback.
13 June 2024 Rother Valley Coryphantha Update 2024 Kathy and Keith Flanagan An interesting genus of easy cacti given a close look by these experienced growers
14 June 2024 Sheffield Where do we start? Cactus and Succulent basics Mike Thewles Cactus or succulent - what's the difference? All you need to know to get started growing these amazing plants, together with advice for the experienced grower
15 June 2024 Chelmsford Cactus display and mart Danbury
15 June 2024 Havering Peru Ian Woolnough
15 June 2024 Portsmouth and District Mini Show and Judging Bill Darbon to be confirmed
15 June 2024 Reading and Basingstoke Down Mexico way Alan Bromley Chapel Hall
18 June 2024 Birmingham and District Cacti and Succulents of the UK Andy Harris Andy is a conservationist and has prepared a new talk about the surprising number of natives and esaped plants that have naturalised on our islands.
19 June 2024 Herne Bay and District Branch Closed Show
19 June 2024 Somerset (TBA) Jonathan Clark
19 June 2024 South Wales TBA Derek Tribble Table show: Gymnocalycium group, Matucana group, Turbinicarpus group Anacampseros group, Aloe group
20 June 2024 Chelmsford Gardening with succulents Paul Spracklin
21 June 2024 Spalding Baja California Peninsula, Mexico Cliff Thompson
22 June 2024 Grampian (N.E.Scotland) Greenhouse Visit to Christine's and David's collection From 2pm
25 June 2024 York Visit to the Plant Biology Dept. at York University, further details from Branch Secretary Host - Dr Liz Rylot
26 June 2024 Bromley Fish and Chip supper Annual fish and Chip supper - venue TBC.
27 June 2024 Brighton, Hove and District Cacti of the Big Bend, Texas Hazel Taylor
27 June 2024 Oxford Opuntias Mike Partridge Mike is the Secretary of Bromley Branch and tonight he will try and convince us that this is not that much of a a Prickly subject and possibly convince us to grow some of this group of plants – I am sure we all have one somewhere in the collection and some apart from their spiky exterior have some really lovely flowers
29 June 2024 Bristol SW Cactus, Succulent and Exotic Plant Fair Peter Warren
29 June 2024 Dover Dover Branch Show Show Committee Our annual closed Mini Branch Show. Show Programme to follow nearer the time.
30 June 2024 Leicester Branch Open Day Leicester Botanical Gardens

Date Branch Talk Title Speaker Synopsis
02 July 2024 King's Lynn Texas David Minnion
03 July 2024 Leicester Haworthia Adrian Weatherill
03 July 2024 Norwich Summer Social
04 July 2024 Clacton-on-Sea Argentina Ian Woolnough
04 July 2024 Exeter Explorations of the Western Cape Bill Darbon
04 July 2024 Wiltshire Tephrocactus and small opuntia's' Alan Wheadon
05 July 2024 Chester and North Wales Cactus Mini Show Judge - Gareth Darbon
05 July 2024 Hull John Hughes Holambra -Home of Horticulture
05 July 2024 Northampton and Milton Keynes Show and Tell Session Branch Members General discussion on a range of cultivation topics
05 July 2024 Southend-on-Sea and District Down Mexico Way Alan Bromley
07 July 2024 Bristol Visit to Alan Weaden Peter Warren
07 July 2024 Northumbria Stephenson's open day R and JT Stephenson
07 July 2024 York Greenhouse Visits (confirmed) further details from Branch Secretary
08 July 2024 Huddersfield Island of Dragons Neil Oakman
08 July 2024 Macclesfield and East Cheshire Evolution of Cacti Part 2 Ivor Crook
09 July 2024 Croydon Planting in Commonwealth War Cemeteries Ian Small Ian, will show us cacti and succulents growing at war cemeteries worldwide.
09 July 2024 Stoke-on-Trent Japan 2023 John Godwin Our chairman's passion for wildlife took him to Japan in early 2023, to see wildlife, especially birds
10 July 2024 High Wycombe ‘Cool Customers’ John Hughes
10 July 2024 Leicester Committee Meeting
10 July 2024 Teesside Mini Show Judged by Ian Armstrong
11 July 2024 Northumbria Hoya Felix Horne National collection holder extols the genus.
11 July 2024 Rother Valley A Journey Throught Minas Gerais, Brazil John Hughes An intrepid explorer talking about an area seldom covered in travelogues
12 July 2024 Sheffield Bring and Buy Auction Any plants that you no longer have room for? Spares? Bring them along and get something new instead. Proceeds to Sheffield Branch
13 July 2024 Gloucester A grand day out (USA desert road trip) Geoff Bowman
13 July 2024 Isle Of Wight Ethnobotany Interrelations between man and plants
13 July 2024 Manchester Possible trip out to a nursery n/a
16 July 2024 Birmingham and District USA 2019 The south-west and Californian coast Ian Woolnough Ian is a geologist and cartographer whose interest in cacti started as a teenager. As well as having written numerous articles on cacti and other succulents he has spoken widely throughout the UK and internationally on the subject. He is well travelled and will relates some of his ventures to the USA.
17 July 2024 Herne Bay and District South African Gems A-Z Martin Edwards
17 July 2024 South Wales My affection for Agaves Bryan Doherty Table show: Astrophytum group, Echinopsis group, Rhipsalis group, Lophophora group, Gasteria group, Didierea group
18 July 2024 Chelmsford North East Mexico - Part 2 Dr Hazel Taylor
19 July 2024 Spalding Big Bend National Park and Southern Rockies Graham Walker
20 July 2024 Bristol The Diane Tripp Memorial Meeting Joint Meeting with the Bristol Cactus Society Baja California Jonathan Clark
20 July 2024 Havering Gardening with succulents Paul Spracklin
20 July 2024 Portsmouth and District Baja 2023 Ian Woolnough
20 July 2024 Reading and Basingstoke Plants and animals of the Western Cape, part 2 Hazel Taylor Chapel Hall
20 July 2024 Somerset
23 July 2024 York Mystery Evening Mike Stansbie
24 July 2024 Bromley Hardy Bromeliads Paul Spracklin
25 July 2024 Brighton, Hove and District Brazil (Part 1) Cliff Thompson
25 July 2024 Oxford Haworthias in Habitat and cultivation Alan Rollason Alan is the former Chairman of The Haworthia Society, he is a wonderful artist and has produced some interesting articles on probably his favourite plants, which he grows exceptionally well. He has been privileged to travel to the habitat of these plants in South Africa and visited some of the major growers. Tonights presentation I am sure will bring out his passion for this group of plants.
27 July 2024 Croydon Summer Open Show Dudley Baker The venue is Sanderstead Methodist Church. The show is open from 11:00am untl 3:30pm.
27 July 2024 Dover Utah David Minnion A slide show on the cacti of Utah.
31 July 2024 Chelmsford RHS Hyde Hall 31 July to 4 August

Date Branch Talk Title Speaker Synopsis
01 August 2024 Clacton-on-Sea Monsters, Freaks and Chimeras Chris Coombes
01 August 2024 Wiltshire Cacti and Other Animals Alan Goldsmith A continuation of 2023's presentation
02 August 2024 Chester and North Wales Travels in Arabia and covers Saudi Arabia, Yemen and Oman Alan Butler Zoom Talk
04 August 2024 Hull Greenhouse Visits No Meeting TBA
04 August 2024 Norwich Gorleston Clifftop Festival Sales Stall
06 August 2024 King's Lynn Brazil Cliff Thompson
07 August 2024 Norwich Peru Cliff Thompson Plus Jubilee Shield
08 August 2024 Rother Valley South African Gems Martin Edwards Travels around a land full of succulents
09 August 2024 Sheffield Lithops:home, diversity and beauty of living stones Harald Jainta A great chance to hear an internationally renowned expert. Harald, from Quickborn, Germany, is the author of the recently published 'Wild Lithops'
10 August 2024 Manchester Lithops: Home, diversity and beauty of living stones Harold Jainta
12 August 2024 Huddersfield Evolution of Cacti pt 1 Ivor Crook
12 August 2024 Macclesfield and East Cheshire Lithops: home, diversity and beauty Harald Jainta
13 August 2024 Croydon Haworthia Les Hewitt Les, is a specialist in the genus and will prsent an overview.
13 August 2024 Stoke-on-Trent Aloe Hybrids Steve Smith Our branch member's love of modern Aloes with textured and coloured leaves
14 August 2024 High Wycombe ‘Chile and Argentina 2010’ Ian Woolnough
14 August 2024 Teesside Welbury Social and Sales
15 August 2024 South Wales Astrophytum – short talk with plants and 2016 show photos Bill Darbon Table show: Stenocactus group, Pediocactus group, Conophytum subgroup, Lithops subgroup, Ceropegia group, Dorstenia group
16 August 2024 Spalding Matucana Graham Charles
20 August 2024 Birmingham and District Evening Garden Visit to Adrienne and Gavins paradise Adrienne Wade Gavin and Adrienne have an exotic garden in Birmingham full of rare and unusual subtropical plants including Agaves, bananas, Tree ferns, Cacti and Gingers and lots more
22 August 2024 Oxford How I do it my way Carlos Zefferino (Woodside Cacti) Carlos and his wife Terry are well known as the proprietors of Woodside Cacti, they have been to a number of our Branch Shows as well as attending plant fairs and other shows around the UK. Tonight Carlos will give us an insight into how he propagate plants at his nursery (I expect you may be able to have a go yourself!!
27 August 2024 York Social Evening Visit To David Slade’s
28 August 2024 Bromley Peru Paul Hoxey Further travels looking at cacti in Peru from Paul who is a frequent visitor to the country.
29 August 2024 Brighton, Hove and District Argentina and Chile (Part 1) Mike Partridge
31 August 2024 Dover Texas Plant Hunting Martin Edwards A new presention on Plant Hunting in Texas.

Date Branch Talk Title Speaker Synopsis
03 September 2024 King's Lynn Argentina 2023 Ian Woolnough
04 September 2024 Leicester Mexico Part 2 Ian Woolnough
04 September 2024 Norwich What is a Species? Laurie Poulson Plus Moody Shield
05 September 2024 Clacton-on-Sea A few days in Patagonia part 1 Mike Partridge
05 September 2024 Exeter TBC
05 September 2024 Wiltshire Mexican visit Frank Sengpiel
06 September 2024 Chester and North Wales Western Cape part 2 Dr Hazel Taylor Zoom Talk
06 September 2024 Hull Saguaro Country Ann and Rick Hudson
06 September 2024 Northampton and Milton Keynes To be confirmed
06 September 2024 Southend-on-Sea and District Showstoppers Les Hewitt
09 September 2024 Huddersfield Auction n/a
09 September 2024 Macclesfield and East Cheshire TBC Ralph Martin
10 September 2024 Croydon Patagonia -Part 3 Mike Partridge Mike has travelled extensivly in this region of South America and will show plants in habitat.
10 September 2024 Stoke-on-Trent Rebutia and Much More in Argentina Ralph Martin Shared speaker, at Macclesfield the night before, our only South American talk of the year
11 September 2024 High Wycombe Members Evening talks by our own members
11 September 2024 Northumbria My Scottish greenhouse Brian McDonough Results of interbreeding + more splendid photography.
11 September 2024 Teesside My Scottish Greenhouse Brian McDonough
12 September 2024 Rother Valley Members' Evening All welcome After the success of last years, another opportunity for members to share their passions
13 September 2024 Sheffield Canary Islands Elizabeth Maddock As a change from winning Gold Medal at RHS Tatton Park, Elizabeth will take us on a succulent trip to the Canaries
14 September 2024 Gloucester Minishow
14 September 2024 Isle Of Wight Winter Growing Succulents
14 September 2024 Manchester Early evolution of cacti part 2 Ivor Crook
17 September 2024 Birmingham and District Evening Showing and Judging, a great preulde to our own show. An opportunity to gain confidence in showing off the best plants in our collections Branch Run Please bring along plants to show. We will judge one anothers plants and award one another with prasies and prizes.
17 September 2024 Bristol Copiapoa Alan Weaden
18 September 2024 Herne Bay and District Patagonia Part 2 Mike Partridge
18 September 2024 Somerset ‘Continetal Collections’ Tom Radford
18 September 2024 South Wales TBA Richard Booth Table show: Coryphantha group, Copiapoa group, Mesembryanthemum group (excluding Conophytum and Lithops subgroups), Pachypodium group, Kedrostis group
19 September 2024 Chelmsford Monsters, freaks and chimeras Chris Coombes
19 September 2024 Grampian (N.E.Scotland) Plant of the Month N-S
20 September 2024 Spalding Astrophytum Plant Workshop Bill Darbon
21 September 2024 Havering Namibia Ron Crawford
21 September 2024 Portsmouth and District Social Evening - Details to follow N/A
24 September 2024 York Show and tell Members’
25 September 2024 Bromley Haworthias Stirling Baker An overview of Haworthias from an excellent grower of the Genus.
26 September 2024 Brighton, Hove and District AGM and Plant Auction
26 September 2024 Oxford My latest trip (Angola)??or unusual succulents Bob Potter Bob and Beryl are well known to us from their nursery “ TOOBEES” they regularly attended many BCSS events selling succulent plants. Bob is one of the committee of The Euphorbia Society as travelled widely to see Succulents plants in their natural environment, mainly in the African Continent. His presentations always show some of the plants he has encountered on his travels so I am sure we will enjoy the evening.
28 September 2024 Dover Argentina Part 1 - People, Places and Plants Dr Richard Rolfe Aimed to give some idea of the spectular scenery, varied climates, the people and other places of interest all linked with seeking plants in habitat in NW Argentina. The added idea is to give people some idea of the soil types in which many succulent plants grow without humus.

Date Branch Talk Title Speaker Synopsis
01 October 2024 King's Lynn Plants Ans Animals of the Western Cape Part1 Hazel Taylor
02 October 2024 Leicester Growing the Mesembs Roland Tebbenham
02 October 2024 Norwich NE Mexico Part 2 Hazel Taylor
03 October 2024 Chelmsford ZOOM Meeting - Mesembryanthemums Alice Vanden Bon
03 October 2024 Clacton-on-Sea Meeting Marlon Dr John Hughes This is chronologically the first of my Brazilian talks and takes us on a journey through Minas Gerais to meet Marlon Machado and finally takes us to cactus locations in the Salvador, Bahia area. I was fortunate to have Marlon’s field notes to allow me to make the best of the localities I visited before I was able to team up with Marlon.
03 October 2024 Exeter Colorado Jenny Nunn
03 October 2024 Wiltshire Lithops in Cultivation' David Lambie
04 October 2024 Chester and North Wales Mini Mesemb show Judge - Peter Bint
04 October 2024 Hull Tender Sedums Ray Stephenson
04 October 2024 Northampton and Milton Keynes Agave, Aeonium and Haworthia Stuart Riley
04 October 2024 Southend-on-Sea and District What's New With Gasteris Derek Tribble
06 October 2024 Birmingham and District Our Autumn Show held at the Birmingham Botanic Gardens. Free entry for any participants! Branch Run More information nearer the time.
08 October 2024 Croydon Autumn Closed Show Dudley Baker The evening show at Sanderstead Methodist Church mainly showcases Succulents.
08 October 2024 Stoke-on-Trent 2 Days More with the Pink and the Green Ian Robinson Final part of Ian's South African trilogy of talks
09 October 2024 High Wycombe ‘Baja California Peninsula Mexico 2008’ Cliff Thompson
09 October 2024 Leicester Committee Meeting
09 October 2024 Teesside ‘A Bit of This and That’ Dr Ralph Martin
10 October 2024 Northumbria A bit of this and that Ralph Martin Plants that have caught the eye of this expert grower.
10 October 2024 Rother Valley Haworthias 2024 Stirling Baker An amazing grower of these popular succulents shares his knowledge
11 October 2024 Sheffield Namibia - Etosha National Park and Lithops Hunting Alan Brown We welcome Alan to find out about one of Namibia's National Parks. Hunting, not with guns for animals, but for living stones
12 October 2024 Gloucester My cacti in flower Dave Hartnell
12 October 2024 Havering What's new? Stuart Riley
12 October 2024 Isle Of Wight Madagascar Dr Hazel Taylor
12 October 2024 Manchester North West Mesemb Show - talk title TBC TBC
14 October 2024 Huddersfield Eye Catchers David Quail
14 October 2024 Macclesfield and East Cheshire M' is mainly for cacti Ian Robinson
15 October 2024 Birmingham and District Halloween workshop: Freaks of nature Branch Run A look at all thinks bizarre including variagations, cristates and grafts. Please bring plants along to discuss.
16 October 2024 Herne Bay and District Argentina Part 2 Richard Rolfe
16 October 2024 Somerset ‘Brazil 2023’ Peter Sparks
16 October 2024 South Wales More adventures in Mexico Frank Sengpiel Table show: Ariocarpus group, Eriosyce group, Cristate / Monstrose cactus, Haworthia group, Sempervivum subgroup
17 October 2024 Chelmsford AGM - Members' evening
17 October 2024 Grampian (N.E.Scotland) Plant of the Month T-Z
18 October 2024 Spalding AGM/A Cold Front Moving Up From The South Peter Dennis
19 October 2024 Portsmouth and District Details to follow Cliff Thompson
19 October 2024 Reading and Basingstoke Bryan Makin Derek Tribble Chapel Hall
20 October 2024 Bristol Autumn Event at Cleeve Village Hall Peter Warren
22 October 2024 York AGM
23 October 2024 Bromley Autumn Show Branch Autumn show for members and frequent visitors.
24 October 2024 Oxford Our road to Chelsea Daniel and Jo Jackson Ottershaw Cacti Daniel and Jo are the proprietors of”Ottershaw Cacti “- they have a number of large greenhouses at their premises and a vast collection of plants. They have now attended and displayed these at `RHS Shows around the UK for a number of years and have achieved “ GOLD MEDAL” awards at many. THIS IS THEIR STORY
26 October 2024 Dover Opuntias Mike Partridge A talk by the Bromley branch secretary to be confirmed nearer the time.
31 October 2024 Brighton, Hove and District A Tourist in Baja California Trevor Wray

Date Branch Talk Title Speaker Synopsis
01 November 2024 Chester and North Wales AGM
01 November 2024 Hull Agm and members pictures Any branch member 30 pictures any subject of your intersts
01 November 2024 Northampton and Milton Keynes Title to be confirmed Ray Stephenson
01 November 2024 Southend-on-Sea and District Cultivation Evening
05 November 2024 King's Lynn AGM
06 November 2024 Leicester TBC
06 November 2024 Norwich AGM and Auction Winter Table Show begins
07 November 2024 Clacton-on-Sea Cacti and succulent film night Ron Crawford
07 November 2024 Exeter Brazil 2023/2024 Peter Sparks
07 November 2024 Wiltshire T.B.C David Richards
08 November 2024 Sheffield My affection for Agaves Bryan Doherty We welcome Bryan from Stockport to find out more about those striking plants, Agaves
09 November 2024 Gloucester 2016 National Show (an organiser's view) Bill Darbon
09 November 2024 Isle Of Wight Another Year Another Slide Show A yeas in plants and Flowers
09 November 2024 Manchester What winter is like in South Africa Peter Bint
11 November 2024 Huddersfield AGM n/a
11 November 2024 Macclesfield and East Cheshire Conophytums Peter Bint
12 November 2024 Croydon Annual General Meeting Dudley Baker This be followed by a cacti and succulent related activity (to be decided).
12 November 2024 Stoke-on-Trent An Introduction to Mint Plants Hayley Stephens Owner Hayley's enthusiasm for plants and her business
13 November 2024 High Wycombe A BCSS talk From the Archives (t.b.c.) Ian Small
13 November 2024 Teesside AGM and Members Photo Competition
14 November 2024 Northumbria California/La Gomera Les Pearcy Brief summaries of 2 trips.
14 November 2024 Rother Valley Soqotra Neil Oakman A second talk by this speaker with more about the endemic succulents of this magical island
16 November 2024 Havering Cotyledon, Adromischus and Tylecodon Derek Tribble
16 November 2024 Portsmouth and District AGM and Social Evening N/A
16 November 2024 Reading and Basingstoke Mesembs in habitat and cultivation Alice Vanden Bon Chapel Hall
19 November 2024 Birmingham and District The Great Outdoors Gardening with Cacti and Succulents Paul Spracklin Paul is a garden designer with a special interest in growing hardy cacti and succulents. His own garden in Essex is a showcase for what is possible.
19 November 2024 Bristol AGM Peter Warren
20 November 2024 Herne Bay and District Plants and Animals Madagascar Hazel Taylor
20 November 2024 Somerset ‘California Roadtrip’ Frank Sengpiel
20 November 2024 South Wales AGM No table show
21 November 2024 Chelmsford Haworthias and Caudiciforms Wasim Siddiqui and Ron Crawford
22 November 2024 Grampian (N.E.Scotland) AGM at The Redgarth, Oldmeldrum 6.30pm start with meal to follow
26 November 2024 York Members’ Discussion Evening
27 November 2024 Bromley Members evening General chat + members participation evening – ‘What I enjoy about growing Cacti and Succulents’, ‘My favourite plant’, Plant QandA, etc.
28 November 2024 Brighton, Hove and District Sulcorebutia and Weingartia Vicky Davies
28 November 2024 Oxford Branch A G M Christmas Nibbles following the official business we hold a social function over Christmas nibbles
30 November 2024 Dover Christmas Meeting Dover Branch Committee Our annual branch Christmas bring along buffet meeting. Including a general knowledge Quiz in teams hosted by Mark James.

Date Branch Talk Title Speaker Synopsis
04 December 2024 Norwich Christmas Social
05 December 2024 Clacton-on-Sea Branch Christmas Dinner
05 December 2024 Exeter AGM and Auction
05 December 2024 Wiltshire AGM and Christmas Quiz and Buffet Branch Chairman and Secretary All welcome bring a plate of food to share
05 December 2024 York The Olive Tree, York Christmas Supper
06 December 2024 Chester and North Wales Stapeliads and related species Tom Radford Zoom Talk
06 December 2024 Hull Xmas Party and Fun Quiz Bob Hall General Knowledge and picture quiz
06 December 2024 Northampton and Milton Keynes Branch AGM and Social
06 December 2024 Southend-on-Sea and District Short talk/AGM/Social
09 December 2024 Huddersfield Christmas Dinner n/a
09 December 2024 Macclesfield and East Cheshire Demonstrations and Short talks
10 December 2024 Birmingham and District Christmas celebration and AGM, with Quiz All members welcome
10 December 2024 Croydon Collecting, Growing and Travelling Stuart Riley Stuart, proprietor of a nursery, will give us a photgraphic account of his life-long activities.
10 December 2024 Stoke-on-Trent AGM and Christmas Party N/A Final meeting of our branch, and enjoying Christmas party food !
11 December 2024 Brighton, Hove and District Christmas Drinks and Lunch
11 December 2024 High Wycombe AGM / Christmas Supper No speaker
11 December 2024 Teesside More Wonderful Echinocereus Peter Berresford
12 December 2024 Chelmsford Members' WhatsApp photos from the year WhatsApp Administrator and members
12 December 2024 Northumbria Before the Great Quake Ray Stephenson 9 trips to Turkey have resulted in lots of succulent finds in a tectonically active area. + Oukaimeden Sept ‘23
12 December 2024 Rother Valley Chrismas Social All welcome Our annual pub lunch - come and join us!
13 December 2024 Sheffield AGM followed by Branch Social and Quiz AGM, social, with a quiz on cacti, succulents - and allsorts: win your 2025 BCSS membership fee
14 December 2024 Gloucester Christmas social
14 December 2024 Isle Of Wight Branch AGM and American Supper
14 December 2024 Manchester AGM, Christmas Celebration something unexpected
18 December 2024 Herne Bay and District Christmas Party
21 December 2024 Reading and Basingstoke Succulents for the showbench Gillian Evison Zoom

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