To advance the education of the public by study, culture and propagation of cacti and other succulent plants and to promote the conservation of such plants.

In furtherance of these general objects but not further or otherwise the society may:

  1. Gather and disseminate particulars of cultivation and propagation.
  2. Hold meetings, shows, lectures, exhibitions, visits to collections, exchange plants, seeds and study materials, publish journals, books, manuals and other materials and such other activities as may promote the objects.
  3. Raise funds and invite and receive contributions from any person or persons whatever by way of subscriptions, publication of books, manuals and other materials and otherwise provided that the society shall not undertake any permanent trading activites in raising funds for its primary charitable objects.



1. Recognised UK Charity:

To be a well managed, financially strong, UK-based charity, with global membership and recognised as a leading authority in the promotion and conservation of cacti & other succulent plants.

2. Membership:

To seek enrolment of members from the general public, professional growers, scientists and related public, private or charitable organisations.

3. Member Services:

To foster participation and social interaction principally via a network of branches and an electronic forum to exchange information and provide advice; also to provide a range of membership benefits such as the distribution of seeds and plants, and arrange events such as meetings, shows and displays.

4. Promotion:

To publicise the Society effectively to advance knowledge and stimulate public interest; this includes the maintenance of a Society website to project the Society objectives and offer resources to members and non-members; also both to organize and participate in events such as conventions and horticultural shows.

5. Collaboration:

To collaborate with other Organisations in the development of reciprocal promotion, such as the provision of a list of speakers and exchange of horticultural information and periodicals.

6. Publishing & Information Sources:

To publish specialist journals and books, to develop and maintain libraries and to make available digital images, presentations and other information resources.

7. Education:

To promote knowledge of cacti and other succulent plants, including the dissemination of current and new information on such subjects as horticultural techniques, conservation, and display. To collate a list of speakers, provide a library of illustrated presentations with guidance and training for speakers; also to organise shows including the provision of guides, rules and schedules, and to train show judges to approved standards.

8. Research:

To promote research on cacti and other succulent plants by encouraging and funding projects.

9. Conservation:

To support and encourage in situ and ex situ conservation and identify and fund centres of horticultural excellence for the propagation of endangered species. To sponsor activities to discover and introduce to cultivation new cacti and other succulent plants in accordance with accepted conservation principles. Also to influence changes to existing and new conservation legislation.

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