Nurseries and Other Suppliers

There are periodic enquiries as to location of UK-based Cactus and Succulent nurseries and amateur sellers. The following is a list of nurseries and members who routinely sell surplus plants.  Quite a number of these nurseries may not be open all the time, indeed some are online only, so please contact them first to make sure they are open and to get the full address.

Do you know of any UK-based sellers to add to this list? Please let us know.

NOTE : Links are published for the convenience of our readers and no warranty is thereby implied.

Connoisseurs’ Cacti

Richard and Sheena Drane, 01284 827105

Ottershaw Cacti

Woodside Cacti

Ian’s Haworthia

Abbey Brook


C & V Cacti

Epiphyllum Online

Tony Irons Cacti

Ebay: Plantlifecactus

Pure Plant Succulents and Cacti

Ralph Martin’s Plants

Paul Doyle’s Plants

The Tradescantia Hub

Barney Plants

Williams Cactus

Richard and Wendy Edginton, 01508 470153

Southfield Nursery

The Plant Lovers, 01754 890256

Cactus Shop

Surreal Succulents

DJA Plants


Brookside Nursery

Craighouse Cacti

Piccolo Plants Nursery

Prick Cacti and Succulents

Facebook: funkycactus

Marie’s Pots

Totally Potty About Succulents

Curious Cacti

You can also buy, sell and swap plants at the Forum: The Trading Post.
Books are available from Keiths Plant Books and Graham Charles. If you are interested in advertising in CactusWorld (circulation just under 3,000) please contact the advertising manager. Please inform us of any dead links or omissions Contact.

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