ENGLAND: Oxfordshire – University of Oxford Botanic Garden

Rose Lane, Oxford OX1 4AZ

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Oxford Botanic Garden
Photograph Ian Wallman, Oxford University Images

The Collection

Oxford University has its main botanic garden in the centre of Oxford while the Harcourt Arboretum is about six miles outside the city.

The city centre garden has a glasshouse with an arid section containing a small selection of large plants, mostly succulents. There is a very large Nolina (Beaucarnia) recurvata, three tall pachypodiums, a huge Agave (probably A. americana) and a very nice Xanthorrhoea which was in flower in late 2017.

In the humid passage leading to the arid house there we noted a number of Rhipsalis or Lepismium epiphytic cacti and cereoids labelled Cereus uruguayensis (=C. hildmannianus).

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A Member’s View

The collection used to be larger and when viewed in October 2017 it seemed a little neglected, with several plants not being in the best of condition and others having outdated names on their labels. Although the cactus and succulent collection itself is not worth a special visit, the gardens are, despite the entrance fee. This was originally a physic garden and, being walled, is a pleasant place to sit. The time to visit would be in the summer when the bedded plants and trees are at their best.

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