Thomas Guerry – Discovering Baja California

Time: Tuesday 20 June 2023 at 7.30pm (BST)

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Thomas Guerry

Thomas Guerry is a chemical engineer and has been growing cacti since he was a teenager − about 20 years ago. He is passionate about small opuntias and has travelled several times to South America to see these plants in habitat, as well as other cacti of course.

After trips to Argentina and Chile, he went to Mexico to discover Baja California. Before setting out on this adventure, he was not unfamiliar with the cacti of this region but by the end of the trip he had enormously enriched his knowledge of the subject. His talk will focus on ten different locations in Baja California, each being special for a different reason: the variety of plants, landscapes, sought-after species, etc.

Thomas Guerry
Thomas Guerry
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