ENGLAND: South Yorkshire – Sheffield Botanical Gardens

Clarkehouse Road, Sheffield S10 2LN*

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Sheffield Botanical Gardens
Photographs Mike Thewles

The Collection

The gardens opened in 1836 and after various changes in ownership, management of the gardens was taken over by Sheffield Corporation in 1951. In 2007 major work funded in part by The Heritage Lottery Fund was completed. This included the restoration of the Joseph Paxton Pavilions. At the west end of the Pavilions is a New World cactus & succulent bed (with a fringe of African Portulacaria). This has several tall columnar plants, Cleistocactus, Trichocereus, and Pachycereus; some large globular cacti, Ferocactus, Echinocactus and Mammillaria, and various smaller cacti and succulents, including a large Beaucarnia. The adjacent South African area has some succulents, mainly aloes and Agave attenuata.

In the Mediterranean Climate Garden a large Aloe striatula flourishes in the open, with some large Fascicularia and Puya.

Nearest BCSS Branch

Sheffield: www.sheffield.bcss.org.uk

Meetings are held in Sheffield, usually the second Friday of the month. Please see the branch website for meeting dates and programme.

A Member’s View

The Botanical Gardens are well worth visiting. The cactus and succulent collection, although limited in the range of species, does have a few large plants which are worth going to see.

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