Scott Harris – Euphorbia francoisii

Time: Tuesday 15 November 2022 at 7.30pm (GMT)

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Scott Harris

Scott Harris has a great passion for growing and breeding cacti and other succulents. It all started in his garage with some wood planks laid across a couple of sawhorses and a 4-bulb T5 light overhead. He got some seeds going and was off to the races. Since then, Scott spends much of his free time attempting to grow, hybridize and select the best forms of plants that appeal to him. Scott’s focus is on Euphorbia (mainly the caudex forming types, but he also has a few compact medusoids), Haworthia, Astrophytum, Gymnocalycium, Ariocarpus, Mammillaria and a variety of other succulents and caudiciforms.

In this talk, Scott will introduce us to his passion for Euphorbia francoisii, which he has focussed on for the past six years. The variety in leaf shape, leaf colour, colour clarity, veination, leaf margin colour and texture, and growth pattern make these very exciting plants to grow. Scott looks forward to sharing details about the origins, growing practices, breeding techniques and more about these beautiful and relatively fast-growing succulents. We very much look forward to his talk on these fascinating plants.

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