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730 Great Western Rd, Glasgow G12 0UE

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Glasgow Botanical Gardens
Photographs Ewen Brown

The Collection

Glasgow Botanical Gardens, owned and run by Glasgow City Council, are open every day of the year and entry is free. The gardens celebrate their bicentennial anniversary in 2017 and provide an historic Victorian oasis that combines beautifully laid-out gardens with a fascinating range of glasshouses. The most famous of these is the Kibble Palace, a charming and extraordinary dome, housing ferns, carnivorous plants and exotic flora from all over the world.

The gardens boast an excellent collection of cacti and succulents covering two glasshouses. The first is a collection of succulents which has just been replanted and contains mainly juvenile specimens. There is a central bed and two benches either side of the access paths with a wide selection of succulent genera, including Adenia, Aloe, Caralluma, Cotyledon, Crassula, Cyphostemma, Dioscorea, Euphorbia, Gasteria, Glottiphyllum, Sansevieria, and Pachypodium.

The second glasshouse contains a more mature collection of plants living in a central bed comprising large agaves, aloes, cleistocacti and many more cereoid cacti. Two benches either side have recently been replanted with juvenile plants, including columnar cacti, Austrocylindropuntia, Echinopsis, Mammillaria and Parodia species.

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Meetings are held at the botanical gardens. Please see the Branch website for meeting dates and programme.

A Member’s View

If you have some time during your visit to Glasgow, you won’t be disappointed by one of the oldest botanic gardens in the UK. Rain or shine, there’s always something to see.

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