Research Grants Awarded

This list covers brief details of the research awards made by the BCSS Research Subcommittee. It does not include applications which have not been successful in being awarded a grant.

ApplicantAwardedTitleAmount Awarded
Rahul Raveendran Nair, Diego Ezequiel Gurvich and Alicia Noemi Sérsic2023Evolutionary history of four Gymnocalycium species of the Sierras Pampeanas at intra- and interspecific level£2,000
Sebastian Hatt2023Succulent Euphorbia in southern Africa and their extraordinary plant parasite Hydnora£2,000
Diego E. Gurvich2023Short- and long-term response to fire of the giant cactus Trichocereus terschekii: survival, growth, and reproductive output£2,000
Roberto Kiesling2022Tunilla, the Cinderella cacti£3,332
Peter Bruyns2022Additional funding for sequencing of the remaining Stapeliads: tropical Africa to SE Asia£1,000
Cornelia Klak2022Additional funding for an investigation of taxonomic groupings within the large genus Ruschia£1,225
Chris Smith2021Secrets of the Sierra Gorda: The Yucca querataroensis problem and the evolution of Darwin’s ‘Most wonderful fertilisation system’£4,328
Peter Bruyns2021The remaining stapeliads: tropical Africa to SE Asia£2,628
César Ramiro Martínez González2021Phylogeny and morphology of sweet fruit producing species (prickly pears) of Opuntia Mill. (Cactaceae)£4,800
Cornelia Klak2021An investigation of taxonomic groupings within the large genus Ruschia and their phylogenetic position within tribe Ruschieae (Ruschioideae-Aizoaceae)£2,331
Andrew Gdaniec2020Systematics, biogeography, reproductive biology and conservation status of Pilosocereus (Cactaceae) in the Caribbean and Andean regions£4,900
César Ramiro Martínez-González2020Taxonomic status of two controversial species
of Opuntia (Cactaceae) from Mexico based on morphological and molecular data
Hernán Alvarado-Sizzo2019Discovering the distribution and systematic position of Stenocereus littoralis: an unknown, highly threatened species from Los Cabos, northwestern Mexico£1,982.03
Ignacio Soto2018Cactus and succulent diversity in the National Reserve of Valle Fertil, Argentina: second survey and protection strategies£1,000
2017A taxonomic revision of Nananthus and Rabiea (Aizoaceae) in South Africa£4,050 (Also supported by MSG)
Pablo Guerrero & Marta Debenedictis2016A genetic study of populations of Maihuenia poeppigii in Chile£2,000
2016Pollination biology of Stenocereus queretaroensis and the importance of bat pollination services£3,856.50
John Carr2016Echeveria of Bolivia£2,005
Cornelia Klak2014The diversification of Mesembryanthemum subgenus Phyllobolus£1,972
Hanno Schaefer2014Relationships and evolution in the Oreocereus clade (Cactaceae)£3,500
Olwen Grace2013A first complete robust molecular phylogeny of the genus Crassula£3,500
Zlatko Janeba2012Exploration on the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico, covering cacti, but specifically monitoring Mammillaria gaumeri and an attempt to rediscover M. yucatensis £970
Will Ritchie2011Clarification of the taxonomic status of Manfreda using molecular techniques and morphological assessment£530
Luis R. Gonzales-Torres2011Assess the conservation status of Pilosocereus robinii in Cuba and implementing a scheme for monitoring its populations£1,000
Marianna R. Santos2010Investigation of the genetic and morphological diversity and phylogeography of the group of species allied to Discocactus placentiformis (Lehmann) K. Schumann£1,000
Luis R. Gonzales-Torres2010Identify limiting features of Leptocereus scopulophilus regeneration£1,000
Adriana S. A. Hoyos2009Systematics of Trichocereus (Echinopsis) in Argentina£1,000
Sam Jacks2008Explore the perceived effects of global climate change on a shift in its latitudinal distribution of Aloe dichotoma, specifically investigating the role of slope, aspect and recruitment dynamics on the distribution £1,000
Carlos Ostolaza2007Explore and map the cacti of the Chancay & Chillon river valleys in Peru$840, joint funded with Conservation Committee
Carlos Ostolaza2006Explore and map the cacti of the Cante river valley in Peru$840, joint funded with Conservation Committee
Pablo Picca & Fabian Font2005Examine delimitation of Opuntia species in Argentina£1,000
Luis R. Gonzales-Torres2005Examining the populations of the rare Leptocereus scopulophilus in Cuba for health and extent£1,000
Urs Eggli2005Exploration of cactus flora of Western Uruguay£900
Marlon Machado2005Review Arrojadoa species limits and their relationships£991
Carlos Ostolaza2005Explore and map the cacti of the Pativilca Valley Peru£1,000
Charles Butterworth2004Examination of options for use of Nuclear genetic markers in cacti£1,000
Peter Bruyns2004Survey of stapeliads in Senegal towards a review book of northern African species£1,000
Priscilla Burgoyne2003Funding travel to contribute to Mesembryanthemoidea mapping project in S. Africa.£1,000
Cornelia Klak2003Funding travel to study succulent Aizoaceae in the wild.£1,000
Ruiz Vega2003Survey of the genus Opuntia in Colombia£1,000
Marlon Machado2003Delimitation of genus Discocactus in Brazil£1,000

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