Rebutia Then and Now with Ralph Martin

Time: Tuesday 9 April at 7.30pm (BST)
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We are delighted to be able to bring you a talk by Ralph Martin on one of the most popular groups of plants. Many of us consider the developing flower buds on these plants to be the first sign of spring. Even before the days start to lengthen, these plants are preparing to provide a fantastic show of flowers. They should be in every collection and are probably one of the best ambassadors of our wonderful hobby.

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Ralph Martin is currently the Chairman of the BCSS Research Committee, having retired a few years ago as a Professor at Cardiff University. He has been growing cacti and succulents since he acquired a Rebutia minuscula at a school fete; he also has a treasured copy of the Observer’s Book of Cacti which he won as a primary school prize. Despite growing many other genera, Rebutia and Aylostera remain among his favourites. He is well known for his Field Number Database hosted by the BCSS at and has spare seedlings and cuttings for swap and sale.

This talk considers plants that for a long time were believed to be Rebutias, but some of which are now known to be genetically quite distinct and are placed in the genus Aylostera. As well as explaining the historical background and reason for the change, the talk will show from where they come. They are rewarding and easy to grow, being readily propagated from seed and offshoots, with many showy flowers readily produced in late spring from a young age. Ralph’s talk embraces both the beauty of these plants and the practicalities of growing them. Be sure not to miss it!

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