CactusWorld 2019/1


The Society journal  appears quarterly and is a richly illustrated, topical and informative journal which is highly respected worldwide.  Currently issued in B5 format with beautifully illustrated, laminated covers the journal usually runs to 56 pages, though occasionally longer editions are produced as well as Special Issues.  Older issues may differ.



  • Editor’s comments by Al Laius
  • Matucana, a fascinating genus of Peruvian cacti by Graham Charles
  • Aloe erensii, Aloe jucunda and a new cultivar by Colin C Walker & Suzanne Mace
  • Using succulents in floral art by Chrissie Harten
  • Monitoring the Lithops fulviceps var. lactinea population in habitat by Roy Earlé, Sonja Loots, Janice Round & Hilde Mouton
  • A new species of Brachystelma (Apocynaceae) from Iringa and Dodoma Regions, Tanzania by Ralph G Peckover
  • David Parker – the right man in the right place at the right time (part 2) by Peter Berresford
  • Presidential potted plants by Colin C Walker
  • Euphorbia makallensis Carter, a northern Ethiopian cushion-forming Euphorbia of very limited distribution by Trevor Wilson and Neil Munro
  • Top tips 2
  • The cacti of the Chilean Patagonia by Helmut Walter
  • Succulents in decline by Ray Stephenson
  • A day at the seaside by Chris Rodgerson
  • In my greenhouse by Alan Tomlinson
  • Literature review
  • A distinctive new species of Pterodiscus (Pedaliaceae) from Ethiopia by Ralph G Peckover
  • CactusTalk

Front cover: Aloe ‘Erensjuc’.  A newly described cultivar flowering in the collection of Brian McDonough. Although this cultivar has been in collections for several decades, it was never formally named and the first description appears in this issue. (Photo: Brian McDonough)


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