Cactus & Succulent Journal 2005/3


The Society journal  appears quarterly and is a richly illustrated, topical and informative journal which is highly respected worldwide.Currently issued in B5 format with beautifully illustrated, laminated covers the journal usually runs to 56 pages, though occasionally longer editions are produced as well as Special Issues. Older issues may differ.



  • Simple thrills in the Caribbean – Mammillaria mammillaris and Opuntia curassavica in habitat by George Thomson
  • John Sanderson and some of the plants that bear his name by Rogan Roth
  • Hunting the hedgehog – the Mojave way by Peter Berresford
  • Some success with Welwitschia by Chris Hynes
  • Conophytum ratum – a yellow flowered form by Chris Rodgerson
  • Bookshelf
  • A selection of unusual items from the ISI 2005 listing by Harry Mays
  • Finding Sulcorebutia christiei by Bill Christie
  • Round Robins Report by Malcolm Holloway
  • pH inhibitors? by Ray Stephenson

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