Cactus & Succulent Journal 2003/3




  • Arrojadoa marylanae – A new Arrojadoa from the state of Bahia, Brazil by Avaldo de Oliveira Soares Filho and Marlon Machado
  • Differentiating Aenium species in La Palma, Canary Islands by Ray Stephenson
  • Two new Life Members of the BCSS
  • Round Robins report by Malcolm Holloway
  • Melocactus braunii Esteves – a new species of Cactaceae from Bahia, Brazil by Eddie Esteves Pereira
  • Zygosicyos – cucurbits for Connoisseurs by Gordon Rowley
  • Eulophia petersii – a succulent orchid by Bert Jonkers
  • The new Handbook of Shows by Rodney Sims
  • Holding a National Plant Collections of cactus or succulent genera by Neil Oakman
  • Can you identify these Euphorbias? by Ken Preston-Mafham

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