Cactus & Succulent Journal 1990/2


The Society journal  appears quarterly and is a richly illustrated, topical and informative journal which is highly respected worldwide.Currently issued in B5 format with beautifully illustrated, laminated covers the journal usually runs to 56 pages, though occasionally longer editions are produced as well as Special Issues. Older issues may differ.

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  • A New Survey of the Plant Aloe in the Bible, by Meyer Chaouat
  • Tylecodon luteosquamata, by David Hutchinson
  • Effects of Light Exposure on Lithops Seedling Growth, by Norm Dennis and Fortuna Union High School’s Anatomy/Physiology Class
  • South Africa and Namibia: a Study ( Pt. 4), by Mel Roberts
  • A Sarcostemma from Siam, by Robert Pokras and David Lennartz
  • Why Not Hybrid Cacti?, by Rena Zahra
  • A Collector’s Sketchbook: Crassula argentea, by E. W. Putnam
  • Two New Fellows
  • The Cultivation of Agaves in Europe, by J.R. Kolendo
  • Vesuvius and the Christmas Cactus, Will Tjaden
  • Cactus Fruits, by Ray Stephenson
  • Epiphyllanttlus obovatus, by Fred Wakefield
  • Chiastophyllum oppositifolium, by D.M. Donovan
  • Beginners Please, by P. E. Nance
  • Beginning at the Beginning (2), by Mel Saunders . . .
  • Face to Face

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