Cactus & Succulent Journal 1984/2


The Society journal  appears quarterly and is a richly illustrated, topical and informative journal which is highly respected worldwide.Currently issued in B5 format with beautifully illustrated, laminated covers the journal usually runs to 56 pages, though occasionally longer editions are produced as well as Special Issues. Older issues may differ.

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  • From the President
  • Colin Partington – Life Member
  • The World of Succulents
  • A Visit to the Gritting-Teeth Flats, by Tony Brooking
  • Cacti and Succulents on Stamps, by V.J.Corbett
  • Haworthia Competition
  • Caralluma europaea (Guss.) N.E.Br. and its Type Locality: Lampedusa Island, by Mauritzio Sajeva
  • In Defence of the Genuslet, by Peter Bruyns
  • Conophytum reconditum: a Newcomer from Namaqualand, by A.R.Mitchell
  • Freezable Cacti and Succulents, by G.R.Allcock
  • Showing the Flag
  • A Sideways Look at Conservation, by Terry Smale
  • Anniversaries, by Gordon Rowley
  • Ecology of Yeasts, Fruit Flies and Cacti, by Gerald Krulik
  • Face to Face
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