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George Thomson


BCSS Research Grants – Instructions for applicants


Flower morphs in Leptocereas scopulophilus (Cactaceae) and their reproductive success in Pan de Matanzas, Cuba

Duniel Barrios, David Martinez, Jose Angel Garcia-Beltrán and Luis Roberto González-Torres


A second species of Cylindropuntia (Engelm.) F.M.Knuth (Cactaceae), C. imbricata (Haw.) F.M.Knuth, naturalised in Zimbabwe

Alfred Maroyi


Flower visitors and efficient pollinators of Opuntia joconostle F.A. C.Weber. ex Diguet in Jalisco, Mexico

E. Razo-León, A. Muñoz-Urias, M. G. Campos-Porras, F. M. Huerta-Martinez and H. E. Fierros-López


Occurrence and phylogeny of the endangered Texas endemic Echinocereus fitchii subsp. Albertii

Paula S. Williamson, Peter Berresford, Shannon D. Fehlberg, Martin Terry, Anna W Strong, Jeremiah McKinney, Anna O. Ermakova and Christopher F. Best


Trichocereus atacamensis (Phil.) VV.T.Marshall & T.M.Bock (Cactaceae) shows decreasing germination fractions with seed age and differences in regeneration niche compared with a congeneric, sympatric species (T. tarijensis (Vaupel) Werderm;)

Ezequiel Córdova Ramiro Pablo López, David Makuri Rojas, Óskar Zeballos, Lirio Calani, Paola Solares, Roberto Majluf and Fernando Velarde


Further additions and corrections to Cacti of Eastern Brazil

Nigel P Taylor, Sinzinando Albuquerque-Lima, Milena Telhe and Daniela C. Zappi


xRhipsatiora astra (Cactaceae). A new intergeneric hybrid between Rhipsalis cereuscula and Hatiora salicornioides which can exist in nature

Tadaaki Urano


The pollination ecology of Phemeranthus pupae (Montiaceae) in southern Bolivia

Urs Eggli and Mario Giorgetta


First record of the Southern African endemic Ruschia uncinata (L.) Schwantes (Aizoaceae) outside its native area with notes on its distribution in North Africa (Tunisia)

Ridha El Mokni, Cornelia Klak and Ernst van Jaarsveld


Further records of non-native succulents within Asparagaceae sensu lato as casual or naturalising aliens in Tunisia and North Africa

Ridha El Mokni and Filip Verloove


Gasteria disticha var. marxii, a new dwarf variety from the Western Cape Province, South Africa

J. van Jaarsveld and D. V. Tribble


Bulbine sceletium, a new cliff-dwelling Bulbine species (Aspho-delaceae) from the Eastern Cape

J. van Jaarsveld and A. Harrower


Notes on the Aloe archeri complex (Asphodelaceae) in Kenya, with a new combination

Leonard E. Newton


Identity of Kalanchoe ‘Fang’ and K. ‘Rose Leaf’, two cultivars derived from K. xedwardii (Crassulaceae subfam. Kalanchooideae), with notes on aspects of interspecific hybridisation in the genus

Gideon F. Smith


A review of the ecology and natural history of Kalanchoe (Crassulaceae subfam. Kalanchooideae) in southern Africa

Gideon F. Smith


Melocactus and the Suringars of Leiden

George Thomson


The succulents in the mysterious Voynich manuscript

George Thomson


The Glasgow Botanic Garden, William Jackson Hooker and succulent plants in the early nineteenth century

George Thomson


Palmer’s Culture des Cactées – a rare cactus book

Colin C. Walker



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