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Editorial George Thomson


A survey of cacti richness in a biodiversity hotspot of Western Argentina

Alejandro Saint Esteven, Mariana Benedictto, Franco A. Garolla, Julián Padró and Ignacio M. Soto


Dendrocereus Britton & Rose – one species or two?

Nigel P. Taylor, Paul Hoxey and Andrew Gdaniec


Taxonomic status of two controversial species of Opuntia (Cactaceae) from Mexico based on morphological and molecular data

César Ramiro Martinez-González and José de Jesús Morales-Sandoval


The ecological relationship between sap beetles and Pilosocereus Byles & Rowley (Cactaceae) in Northeastern Brazil

Marcelo Oliveira Teles de Menezes and Vinicius Gomes Sampaio


A new species of Cumulopuntia (Cactaceae) from north-western Bolivia

Paul Hoxey and Martin Lowry


Notes on the identity of Echinocactus conglomeratus – a name of uncertain application from northern Chile

Paul Hoxey


Notes on cultivated Pereskia quisqueyana and related species (Cactaceae)

Nigel P Taylor


Notes on Pseudorhipsalis amazonica (Cactaceae-Hylocereeae) from eastern Amazônia, Brazil

Daniela Zappi, Rafael Barbosa-Silva and Nigel Taylor


Population Structure and Phenology of Discocactus zehntneri Britton & Rose subsp. petr-halfarii (Zachar) M.R. Santos & M.C. Machado (Cactaceae), a Critically Endangered Brazilian Cactus Subspecies

Joana Paula Bispo Nascimento and Marcos Vinicius Meiado


Bulbine audreyae N.R. Crouch & Gideon F. Sm. (Asphodelaceae subfam. Asphodeloideae), a new cremnophytic species with grass tuft-like rosettes from the Outeniqua range in South Africa

Neil R. Crouch and Gideon F. Smith


Cotyledon nielsii (Crassulaceae), a new cremnophyte from KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

Neil R. Crouch, David G.A. Styles and Michele Walters


Portulacuria afra; Variability and distribution

Ernst van Jaarsveld and Anso Le Roux


Crassula floribunda (Friedrich ex Toelken) N.R. Crouch, Gideon F. Sm. & D. Styles (Crassulaceae), a new status for a species endemic to central KwaZulu-Natal province, South Africa

Neil B. Crouch, Gideon F. Smith and David G.A. Styles


Reinstatement of Kalanchoe decumbens Compton (Crassulaceae subfam. Kalanchooideae), an endemic species from eastern southern Africa

Gideon F. Smith


Expanding the known geographical distribution range of Kalanchoe waterbergensis (Crassulaceae subfamily Kalanchooideae) in northern South Africa

Gideon F. Smith. Estrela Figueiredo and Neil R. Crouch


Reinstatement of Kalanchoe (subg. Bryophyllum] sect. Alatae (Crassulaceae subfam. Kalanchooideae) for K. porphyrocalyx and K. uniflora, two Madagascan endemics

Gideon F. Smith


Taxonomic and nomenclatural notes on Kalanchoe hauseri Werderm. (Crassulaceae subfam. Kalanchooideae) from Angola, with notes on Friedrich Welwitsch’s collecting activities in the country

Gideon F Smith and Estrela Figueiredo


The identity of Kalanchoe lubangensis R. Fern. (Crassulaceae subfam. Kalanchooideae), a little-known species endemic to southwestern Angola, with an extension of its distribution range

Gideon F Smith, Estrela Figueiredo and Andrew Hankey


The taxonomy and nomenclature of Kalanchoe streptantha Baker (Crassulaceae subfamily Kalanchooideae)

Gideon F. Smith and Estrela Figueiredo


Typification of the name Cotyledon clavifolia Haw., basionym of Adromischus cristatus (Haw.) Lem. var. clavifolius (Haw.) Toelken (Crassulaceae subfam. Kalanchooideae), with a range extension

Gideon F Smith and Neil R. Crouch


The floristics and phytogeography of Kalanchoe Adans. (Crassulaceae subfam. Kalanchooideae) in the Waterberg Biosphere Reserve, northern South Africa

Gideon F. Smith and Estrela Figueiredo


Additional species of Agave (Agavoideae /Agavaceae, Asparagaceae s. 1.) introduced and naturalising in Tunisia and North Africa

Ridha El Mokni and Filip Verloove


Crassula sandrae, a new species from the southern Cape, South Africa

Niels H.G. Jacobsen


The identity of Cacalia cuneifolia L.

Julian M. H. Shaw


Crassula sarcocaulis Eckl. & Zeyh. – variation and clones in cultivation.

Julian M. H. Shaw


Aloe arborescens Mill. ‘Estelle Potgieter’ (Asphodelaceae subfam. Alooideae), a new cultivar in a variable species, with notes on aloes at the South African National Biodiversity Institute, Pretoria

Gideon F. Smith, Ronell R. Klopper and Neil R. Crouch


Notes on genuine Agave vivipara (Agavaceae), a poorly known Caribbean species, recently introduced in the Canary Islands (Spain)

Filip Verloove and Marcos Salas Pascual


Aloe vera and the identity of the plant carvings in Rosslyn Chapel, Scotland.

George Thomson


Gordon Douglas Rowley 1921-2019: an appreciation

Jonathan Y. Clark



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