Bradleya 30/2012

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Bradleya is the yearbook of the British Cactus and Succulent Society and has been published annually since 1983. It has aimed to present articles of a more specialised or technical nature than those which are published in our quarterly journal.



Aloe huntleyana, a new species from the Baynes Mountains, Namibia. Ernst J. van Jaarsveld and Wessel Swanepoel
Charles Louis Craib: natural historian extraordinaire. Gideon F. Smith
Aloe maculataAll. (Asphodelaceae) in the Free State Province, South Africa, and resurrection of ‘var. ficksburgensis’. Gideon F. Smith, Estrela Figueiredo, Ronell R. Klopper and Neil R. Crouch
A new specific plant host for the agave snout weevil, Scyphophorus acupunctatus Gyllenhal, 1838 (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) in South Africa: a destructive pest of species of Agave L. (Agavaceae). Gideon F. Smith, Estrela Figueiredo, Ronell R. Klopper, Neil R. Crouch, Charlene Janion and Steven L. Chown
Clarifying the application of the long-confused name Aloe commutata, and the establishment of Aloe x commutata Tod. (Asphodelaceae). Estrela Figueiredo and Gideon F. Smith
A Gordion knot in Ruschioideae (Aizoaceae): Acrodon and Brianhuntleya in an attempt to disentangle the confusion. Heidrun E.K. Hartmann and Ingeborg M. Niesler
South Africa’s ongoing Opuntia Mill. (Cactaceae) problem: the case of Opuntia tomentosa Salm-Dyck. Gideon F. Smith and Estrela Figueiredo
The genus Aloe L. (Asphodelaceae: Alooideae) in Malawi. Ronell R. Klopper, Stewart S. Lane, Gladys Msekandiana-Mkwapatira and Gideon F Smith
Observations on Borzicactus icosagonus (Kunth) Br. & R. and Borzicactus humboldtii (Kunth) Br. & R. Graham Charles
The identity of Sansevieria bagamoyensis. Leonard E. Newton
A second species of Furcraea Vent. (Agavaceae), F. tuberosa (Mill.) W.T.Aiton, naturalised in South Africa. Gideon F. Smith and Estrala Figueiredo
In situ analysis of the current conservation status of Mammillaria herrerae Werderm. in the southern Chihuahuan Desert. Beatriz Maruri Aguilar, Emiliano Sánchez Martinez and Jordan Golubov Figueroa
Aspects of the taxonomy of Aloe arborescens Mill. (Asphodelaceae: Alooideae). Gideon F. Smith, Ronell R. Klopper, Estrela Figueiredo and Neil R. Crouch
Micromorphological and anatomical spine features of selected Escobaria species (Cactaceae). Radomir Repka and Roman Gebauer
Vivipary in Cuban cacti: a pioneer study in Leptocereus scopulophilus. Duniel Barrios, Luis Roberto González-Torres and José Angel García-Beltrán
New disjunct record of Melocactus violaceus in Ceará, north-eastern Brazil. Marcelo O.T. Menezes, Nigel P. Taylor and Antonio S.F. Castro
Summer-flowering species of maculate Aloe L. (Asphodelaceae: Alooideae) in the Aloe zebrina-complex from South Africa: reinstatement of four names, and description of A. braamvanwykii Gideon F.Sm. & Figueiredo. Gideon F. Smith, Estrela Figueiredo, Ronell R. Klopper and Neil. R. Crouch
Aloe condyae, a new cliff-dwelling aloe from Mpumalanga, Republic of South Africa. Ernst J. van Jaarsveld
Aloe mocamedensis, a new species from the Namib Desert, south-western Angola. Ernst J. van Jaarsveld
A further species of Agave L., A. salmiana Otto ex Salm-Dyck (subsp. salmiana) var. salmiana (Agavaceae), naturalised in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa. Gideon F. Smith and Estrala Figueiredo
One or many genera in Mesembryanthemoideae (Aizoaceae)? Discussion of a conflict in genus perception. Maika Gerbaulet
Book review. Colin C. Walker.

Front Cover: Borzicactus icosagonus ssp. roseiflorus GC1110.02 in the valley of the Rio Catamayo, Loja, Ecuador, 1295 m. Photo Graham Charles. Back Cover: Borzicactus icosagonus ssp. humboldtii GC1057.02 South East of Sondor, Piura, Peru, 2110 m. An orange-flowered plant, frequently occurring in the valley. Photo Graham Charles

Total number of pages: 200
Colour photographs: 191
16 Black and white photographs, 49 line drawings and diagrams and maps.
ISBN 0-902099-85-2
ISSN 0265-086X

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