Bradleya 22/2004


Bradleya is the yearbook of the British Cactus and Succulent Society and has been published annually since 1983. It has aimed to present articles of a more specialised or technical nature than those which are published in our quarterly journal.



Studies on Mexican Cactaceae. IV. A new subspecies of Echinocereus palmeri Britton & Rose, first record of the species in the Chihuahuan Desert by Hèctor M. Hernández and Carlos Gómez-Hinostrosa
Resolving the phylogenetic placement of Blossfeldia liliputana (Cactaceae): reticulate evolution, chloroplast inheritance, and graft-chimeras by Root Gorelick
Agave hurteri Trelease (Agavaceae): the perfect landscaping plant for large gardens by Gideon F. Smith and Elsie M.A. Steyn
Adaptations and phytogeography in the Ice-Plant family (Aizoaceae) – the interaction of the genetic equipment and ecological parameters. I. One leaf-pair is the plant by H.E.K. Hartmann
Emilio Chiovenda and his contribution to the knowledge of East African succulent plants, with a selected bibliography by Lucio Russo and Guido Moggi
Obetia ficifolia (Urticaceae): a pachycaul nettle in danger by Clèment Duret
Opuntia Index Part 10: T-V by Richard Crook and Roy Mottram
A model to predict the developmental stage of Stenocereus thurberi (Cactaceae) fruit from pulp and skin colour by Martìn Ernesto Tiznado-Hernández, Angel Javier Ojeda-Contreras, Alberto Sánchez-Estrada, Delia Moreno-Velázquez and Jorge Nemesio Mercado-Ruiz
Another look at the pachypodiums of Madagascar by Jonas M. Lüthy
Cacti and other succulents: stem anatomy of “other succulents” has little in common with that of cacti by James D. Mauseth

Cover: young flowering individual of Pachypodium menabeum Léandri growing at Tsingy de Bemaraha, Madagascar; everyone would probably call this a short-peduncled P. lamerei, until fruits and seed complete the picture. Photo by Walter Röösl


Total number of pages – 140 + Cover (20 colour pages + Cover)
colour photographs – 53
black and white photographs – 40, line drawings – 43, maps – 10
ISBN 0 902099 74 4
ISSN 0265-086X

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