Bradleya 19/2001


Bradleya is the yearbook of the British Cactus and Succulent Society and has been published annually since 1983. It has aimed to present articles of a more specialised or technical nature than those which are published in our quarterly journal.



Editorial by Colin C. Walker
Euphorbia resinifera portrayed in a manuscript herbal nearly fifteen hundred years ago by Pjotr Lawant and Diny Winthagen
Conophytum subterraneum, a distinctive new species from the north-eastern Richtersveld, South Africa by Philip G. Desmet, Tom L.K.F. Jacobs and Terry C. Smale
The Turbinicarpus mandragora complex by Jonas M. Lüthy
A broader taxonomic concept of Aloe greatheadii var. davyana, a widespread and common maculate from southern Africa by Gideon F. Smith and Neil R. Crouch
Natural hybridization between Trichocereus atacamensis (Philippi) Marshall and Denmoza rhodacantha (Salm-Dyck) Britton & Rose (Cactaceae) by Fabián Font and Pablo Picca
A mission in life: Thomas Hanbury and his garden at La Mortola, Italy by Lucio Russo
Rimacactus, a new genus of Cactaceae by Roy Mottram
Notes on Lampranthus otzenianus and L. uniflorus (Mesembryanthema, Aizoaceae) by H.E.K. Hartmann
Opuntia Index Part 7: Nomenclatural note and P–Q by Richard Crook and Roy Mottram#
Haworthia limifolia var. arcana (Asphodelaceae: Alooideae): a new variety from eastern South Africa by Gideon F. Smith and Neil R. Crouch
Antimima aristulata comb. nov. (Mesembryanthemaceae Fenzl); a heterophyllous succulent from Cape Town, South Africa by Pascale Chesselet and Gideon F. Smith
The botanical paintings of Mary Maud Page by Gideon F. Smith and Colin C. Walker

Front Cover: Trichocereus atacamensis (Philippi) Marshall, in Los Cardones National Park, Argentina. This species is one of the parents of a newly described intergeneric hybrid (p.59).

Total number of pages – 124
ISBN 0 902099 71 X

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