Bradleya 10/1992

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Bradleya is the yearbook of the British Cactus and Succulent Society and has been published annually since 1983. It has aimed to present articles of a more specialised or technical nature than those which are published in our quarterly journal.



A new species of Ariocarpus (Cactaceae) Hèctor M.Hernanández & Edward F.Anderson
Revision of the genus Vanheerdea L.Bolus ex H.E.K.Hartmann (Aizoaceae) by H.E.K.Hartmann
Notes on miscellaneous genera of Cactaceae (2) Edited by David Hunt & Nigel Taylor
Tissue culture of cacti and other succulents: a literature review and a report on micropropagation at Kew by M.F.Fay & J.Gratton

Total number of pages – 96
colour photographs – 56
black and white photographs – 26
Plus: Total number of pages of maps and drawings – 14
ISBN 0 902099 21 3

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