Bradleya 5/1987


Bradleya is the yearbook of the British Cactus and Succulent Society and has been published annually since 1983. It has aimed to present articles of a more specialised or technical nature than those which are published in our quarterly journal.

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The Duchess of Beaufort’s Succulent Plants
(Pages 1-16)

Gordon D. Rowley

Summary. An account is given of the succulents depicted in two unpublished folio volumes of water colour paintings of plants cultivated by the Duchess of Beaufort at Badminton during the late 1600s and early 1700s. The history of the plant collections at Badminton is discussed and the succulents illustrated by the Dutch artist Kychicus and by others are identified. Many exotic species are shown to have been introduced to cultivation in Britain earlier than previously recorded.

A new review of Mammillaria names: S-Z
(Pages 17-48)

David Hunt
Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, Richmond, Surrey

Summary. This is the fifth and final instalment of an annotated list of Mammillaria names, continued from Bradleya 4:39-64 (1986). The article concludes with a classified list of recognized species and subordinate taxa.

A revision of the genus Thelocactus B. & R.(Cactaceae)
(Pages 49-76)

Edward F. Anderson
Department of Biology, Whitman College, Walla Walla, Washington 99362, U.S.A.

Summary. Thelocactus bicolor and T. hexaedrophorus are compared to Ferocactus hamatacanthus and Hamatocactus setispinus in 19 characters. H. setispinus has a greater similarity to T. bicolor than to the other 2 species and 18 placed in Thelocactus as T. setispinus (comb. nov.). The following characteristics of Thelocactus are discussed: ribs and tubercles, areoles, spines and extrafloral nectaries, epidermis, outer cell layers, druses and crystals, flowers, pollen, fruits, and seeds. Ecological characteristics, such as distribution, soils, habitat characteristics, sympatry, and associated plants, are described. The relationships and general features of each species are considered. In the section on formal taxonomy Thelocactus is redefined to include T. setispinus, T. bicolor, T. leucacanthus, T.macdowellii, T. tulensis, T. hastifer, T. conothelos, T.heterochromus, T. hexaedrophorus, T. lausseri, and T. rinconensis.

Miscellaneous notes on Stapelieae (Asclepiadaceae)
(Pages 77-90)

P.V. Bruyns

Summary. An historical and ecological survey of the stapeliads native to Europe is presented, and each illustrated. The circumscription of the Arabian Caralluma hexagona is discussed and its limits expanded to include C. shadhbana and C. foulcheridelboscii as synonyms. A description, illustrations and distributional data are given.

New and unfamiliar names of Cactaceae to be used in the European Garden Flora.
(Pages 91-94)

David Hunt & Nigel Taylor
Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, Richmond, Surrey, England

Summary. A background is given to the account of the Cactaceae compiled by the authors for European Garden Flora, volume 3 (in press). This is followed by notes on the treatment of particular genera, including 54 new combinations.

Note. See “New and unfamiliar names for use in the European Garden Flora: Addenda and Corrigenda” in Bradleya 6:100, 1988

New names in Rhipsalidinae (Cactaceae)
(Pages 97-100)

Wilhelm Barthlott
Botanisches Institut der Universität Bonn, Meckenheimer Allee 170, D-5300 Bonn, West Germany

Summary. The classification to be used in forthcoming treatments of Rhipsalis and allied genera (Cactaceae subtribe Rhipsalidinae Britton & Rose) is briefly explained, and 26 new names proposed.

More bibliographical data on succulent plant periodicals (1)
(Pages 101-102)

Urs Eggli
Institut for systematische Botanik der Universität Zürich, Zollikerstrasse 107, CH-8008 Zurich, Switzerland

Summary. Bibliographical details of an additional 23 serial publications devoted to succulents are given, supplementing an earlier list (Eggli, 1985).

More bibliographical data on succulent plant periodicals (2)
(Pages 102-104)

L. E. Newton
Kenyatta University, Box 43844, Nairobi, Kenya

Summary. Additional information, supplementing Eggli’s ‘A Bibliography of Succulent Plant Periodicals’, is supplied from material in the author’s private library

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