Norbert Sarnes – The Genus Pterocactus

Time: Tuesday 15 August 2023 at 7.30pm (BST)

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Norbert Sarnes

For this amazing talk, we are very proud to welcome Norbert Sarnes, the world authority on Pterocactus and a joint author of the enthralling book on the same subject. Norbert and his wife Elisabeth are great friends and supporters of the BCSS. Norbert has been cultivating cacti since 1978 and is a member of the DKG, BCSS, CSSA, IOS and the Tephrocactus Study Group. His special love belongs to his wife, his children and the cacti from Patagonia (in northwest Argentina and Chile). If he had known the beautiful Andean violas earlier – who knows if he would have ever bothered with cacti (we are so pleased that he discovered cacti first).

The talk will present the described species of pterocacti and three undescribed species. Norbert will aim to explain how to distinguish these species and what pterocacti have in common with icebergs and penguins. We know from previous talks that we will be in for some fantastic photography and a commentary that will be both fun and informative.

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