Renew Your Membership by Direct Debit

If you are an existing member you can use this form to renew your membership by direct debit*, which will renew automatically each year. Note! If you have used this form to renew in a previous year, you do not need to do so again; your membership will renew automatically. You can find your membership number on the online membership card.

*Direct debit is preferred because it reduces the amount of work our volunteers have to do and it avoids having a break in membership which may result in missing a publication. You may cancel a direct debit by contacting the Membership Secretary.

If you are a new member or prefer to renew your membership manually each year, please use the new members form. Note that no reminders are sent for renewal. To be sure of not missing publications, remember to renew in time.

International members (i.e. outside the UK) please use the International membership form.


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