Members’ Seeds

A new feature incorporated into the seed shop list is our Members’ seeds. This will contain packs of seeds donated by Members, and will start appearing in the list from spring 2024. They will be available to order online, just like the regular Seed Shop. They are provided free from Members’ own collections, and costed to cover our expenses.

We want to encourage seed propagation amongst members in order to:

  • Share seeds to preserve plant lineage (especially important for species in danger from development and poaching)
  • Open up a route for smaller donations to enhance the Seed Shop selection

Do you have any cactus or other succulent seeds to spare? Please send them in! All C&S seed donations gratefully received. Please download and fill in the form in the link below, and include with your seeds.

Seeds should be dry, and put into small sealable bags, seed envelopes, or glassine envelopes. 65mm x 65mm glassine envelopes can be obtained online from e.g. Amazon. You do not need to separate seeds from pods or fruits; we can do that. Write the species clearly on the envelope or individual bag, together with your name, and the date. Seal each so that seeds cannot escape. Put all packs of seeds, together with the completed form, inside a clear poly bag to avoid them getting damp in the mail, and then put this into a padded envelope to post.

Please note:

  • We apologise to our overseas Members, but due to the law, this section and offer is only available to people in the UK.
  • We are thankful for your donations but we are not able to send acknowledgements.
  • Please only send seed if you have a reasonable quantity- 30 or more.
  • Label your seed packs very clearly, so we don’t make mistakes.

Do you have any feedback on the seed shop you would like to send us? Please email the Seeds Team.

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