Jackson Burkholder – The Biology of Growing Cacti

Time: Tuesday 4 April 2023 at 7:30pm (BST)

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Jackson Burkholder has been growing cacti and succulents for over twenty years. He grew up attending Colorado Cactus and Succulent Society events. What started as one or two small plants every year has turned into an obsession with desert flora. Since then, he has been Vice President of the Colorado Cactus and Succulent Society and is currently serving on the board of directors for the Cactus and Succulent Society of America. Jackson graduated from Colorado State University with a degree in horticulture and a minor in botany. He is currently working on finishing his master’s thesis at Texas State University on the subject of the anatomy of cactus extrafloral nectaries.

In this presentation aimed at both beginner and advanced growers, Jackson will discuss how the way we grow cacti relates to their anatomy, physiology and ecology. He will also discuss how our understanding of these biological principles and the habitats where the cacti live can improve their cultivation and propagation. Topics covered will include cactus light and water requirements, as well as brief discussions on soil mixes and propagation. Please join us for this fascinating and informative talk which will be the 100th in the series.

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