Ivor Crook – Pereskia: birth of the Cactaceae

Time: Tuesday 17th October 2023 at 7.30 pm (BST)
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We are so pleased to see Ivor return to us to give another talk.  Ivor was one of the first pioneering speakers to give a BCSS Zoom talk so it’s great to see him return.  Ivor has always been a popular speaker and is widely travelled.  In this fascinating talk Ivor will present evidence from the Pereskia family tree against a background of past geological and climatic changes. A hypothesis for the origins of the Pereskia and thus Cactus family is presented then followed by a review of each species. This really is a talk not to be missed if you are interested in Cacti and evolution!  

Ivor is a retired general medical practitioner and has been a member of the BCSS and the Manchester branch for over 25 years. His interest in succulent plants was ignited by finding a copy of Nel’s Gibbaeum Handbook, an old family heirloom. Over the years he has written articles for the Tephrocactus Study Group, The Haworthia Society, Cactus World and Bradleya. Travel across southern Africa and cactus habitats on both sides of the equator has led to the production of numerous talks that have been presented to BCSS branches across England and Scotland. Known as an avid lover of Opuntias this remains one of his key interests within the hobby.”

If you are interested in how Cacti evolved this is the talk to watch.

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