Haworthia truncata ‘Lime Green’ variegated

Fig. 1 Haworthia truncata Lime Green variegated
Fig. 1 Haworthia truncata Lime Green variegated

Haworthia truncata ‘Lime Green’ variegated is one of many succulent cultivars that show variegation. For many collectors, plants such as these are a ‘must have’. This demand, however, is usually accompanied by a higher cost than the normal plants that have a high chlorophyll content compared to those with white variegation and pigmented carotenoids.

Variegation can be attributed to several factors that include chimeral variegation, mutation, virus infection and chemical manipulation, and results in banding, blotching, or spotting on the plant leaves or body.  Plants with no chlorophyll cannot survive and will have to be grafted, while those with a moderate degree of chlorophyll can grow on their own roots but their growth is usually slower.

This plant is probably a hybrid between Haworthia truncata and Haworthia cuspidata (or perhaps Haworthia cymbiformis). It will form nice clumps in time. For cultivation the plant is grown in a John Innes and grit mix and watered with a low nitrogen fertiliser from around March to September.

Text and Photo by David Bruno

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