George Theodoris – The Art of Euphorbia Francoisii: Breeding and Cultivating Madagascar’s Unique Succulent Gem

Time: Tuesday 5 September 2023 at 7.30pm (BST)

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George Theodoris pairs the expertise of a geneticist with the heart of a plant lover. Holding a doctorate in Genetics, he’s lent his skills to research at institutions like the USDA, UC Davis, UC Berkeley, and Arcadia Biosciences. George’s journey with Haworthia began two decades ago at UC Berkeley, a passion that blossomed alongside his post-doctoral research on leaf morphology. While the lab offered insights, it was the diverse and intricate leaf traits of Haworthia that truly captivated him. Channelling his inner Mendel, George utilized his genetics knowledge to artistically enhance the plant’s features. Over the years, he has earned a global reputation as a top-tier artisan breeder of Haworthia.  His nursery is called Artisan Plants.

Madagascar boasts a diverse array of unique succulent Euphorbias. Among them, Euphorbia francoisii stands out for its captivating beauty and breeding potential. In this talk, George will share tips on nurturing and growing E. francoisii successfully. We’ll also delve deeper into the intriguing realm of Euphorbia francoisii breeding, exploring the varied and emerging leaf traits.

Footnote: Many of George’s Haworthia are named after tracks from some of his favourite rock bands and we wonder what he will be naming some of these Euphorbia!

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