ENGLAND: Surrey – RHS Wisley

Woking, Surrey GU23 6QB

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RHS Wisley
Photographs Alan Bromley

The Collection

The RHS is noted for its very neat, formal outdoor planting and the cactus and succulent house is no less impressive. Part of a large greenhouse complex, the arid collection is of a good size allowing plants to grow in open beds means that the number of species is restricted. Some larger plants have had to be lopped. There are a number of smaller plants in pots, including a few rather interesting specimens. The collection is about two-thirds ‘other succulents’ with the cacti being not all that well represented.

Nearest BCSS Branch

Woking: www.woking.bcss.org.uk

Meetings are held in Knaphill, Woking. Please see the Branch website for meeting dates and programme.

A Member’s View

These are some of the best specimens you are likely to see anywhere and have the green-fingered touch of the RHS. While the variety is not great, particularly among the cacti, the quality is generally superb. Wisley is definitely worth a visit as the gardens are beautiful. Even if you don’t like such formal planting  you can but wonder at the variety of plants in the garden and the care lavished on them. The Plant Centre (shop) has quite a large range of cacti and succulents for sale, including names species which may be of more interest to members than the ones that are clearly intended for home décor.

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