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Specialist Succulent Plant Societies
There are a number of succulent plant societies specialising in particular groups of plants. If you have an interest in any of these, their details are shown below.

The Cactus Explorers Club
Contact: Mr Graham Charles
Website: www.cactusexplorers.org.uk
Organises an annual residential weekend and publishes a free online journal ‘The Cactus Explorer’.

The Haworthia Society
Contact: Mr Tony Roberts
Website: www.haworthia.org
Journal, Seed List, Conventions and Shows
Aloaceae, including Haworthia, Gasteria, Astroloba, Aloe and Bulbine.

International Euphorbia Society
Contact: Mr Bob Potter
Website: www.euphorbia-international.org

International Sansevieria Society
Contact: Mr Bob Potter
Website: www.sansevieria-international.org
Sansevieria and other members of Dracaenaceae.

Mammillaria Society
Contact: Mr Chris Davies
Tel: 01494 724924
Website: www.mammillaria.net
Mammillaria & associated genera: Coryphantha, Escobaria, Thelocactus, Gymnocactus & Turbinicarpus.

Mesemb Study Group
Contact: Mrs Suzanne Mace
Tel: 01444 459151
Website: www.mesemb.org
Aizoaceae (Mesembryanthemaceae).

Sedum Society
Contact: Mr Les Pearcy
Tel: 01629 582595
Website: www.cactus-mall.com/sedum/
Sedoideae: Sedum, Rhodiola, Orostachys, Hylotelephium, Phedimus, Rosularia, Prometheum etc.

Tephrocactus Study Group
Contact: Mr John Betteley
Tel: 01636 707649
Tephrocactus incl. Maihueniopsis, Cumulopuntia and other smaller North & South American related genera.

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