Crassula “Morgan’s Beauty”

Crassula ‘Morgan’s Beauty’ is a hybrid created by Dr Meredith Morgan in California around 1945, and is purported to be a cross between Crassula perfoliata var. minor and Crassula mesembryanthemopsis.

It is an easy-to-grow succulent that will eventually achieve a size of around 10cm (4in) tall and the same in diameter.  The leaves are a silvery blue/green colour and they are packed densely together, forming an attractive mound all year round.

The flower buds are formed very early in the year (from mid-January for me) but watering should be withheld until at least early March to avoid rot.  It will produce its clusters of slightly fragrant pink flowers from mid-February, with very often a second smaller flush later in the year.  This plant can be susceptible to mealy bug during the warmer months and fungal disease in winter and spring, particularly where there is a lack of air movement.

Chris Coombes

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