Conservation Projects

Projects financed by the BCSS Conservation Committee

YearRecipientProjectAmount Awarded
2022Paul BamfordTranslation costs for Chester Zoo Copiapoa Workshop£1,000
2022Andrew GdaniecProvision of interpretive signage at Gibraltar Botanic Garden£2,000
2021Pieter van WykA grow tunnel to house siezed, poached habitat plants at the Richtersveld£25,000
2021Stefan BurgerTranslation of Educational Conservation infographics into eight languages – Japanese, Mandarin, Korean, Thai, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Hungarian£1,043
2020Andy YoungContribution to the installation of fencing for a new succulent-rich Protected Area in the Succulent Karoo Biome, South Africa£2,000
2020Roger FerrymanTravel expenses to attend Chester Zoo Copiapoa workshop in Chile
2018Roy EarleRe-establish Lithops schwantesii ssp.schwantesii var.rugosa in its former habitat in Namibia, and monitor future progress£3,920
2017BCSS Leicester BranchLabelling and Interpretation panels in the Succulent collection area of Leicester Botanic Gardens£1,577
2016Roy EarleRe-introduction of Lithops schwantesii ssp.gebseri into their natural habitat on the farm Estorffdank, Namibia£1,420
2016Andrew GdaniecVisit British Virgin Islands. Advise and train staff at Botanical Institutes plus conduct some habitat research of damage to plants and plan possible conservation£2,000
2015Roger FerrymanSigns to protect plants at Pichidangui, Chile£500
2015Luis Roberto ToresCuban cactus conservation workshop£2,550
2015Pablo WeissnerTo join Paul Klaassen’s Chilean expedition. Check Ritter habitats, check for invasive species and give advice for conservation£1,760
2012Luis Roberto ToresReintroduction of Melocactus actinacanthus into wild£1,500 from Zone3
2011Keith GreenLand transport to establish documented Lithops werneri into habitat in Namibia£520
2011Luis Roberto ToresEx situ conservation of Pilosocereus robinii in Cuba£1,474
2010Martin ScottProtection of Haworthia splendens site. (Joint project with The Haworthia Society)£1,300
2010Luis Roberto ToresInvestigate remnant populations of Leptocereus assurgens, L. eckmanii and L. prostratus and establish ex situ collections.£1,500
2010Luis Roberto ToresSurvey and ex-situ conservation of Dendrocereus nudiflorus in W.Cuba£1,350
2009E. Sanchez, Botanico Cadereyta, MexicoCultivation, tissue culture and replanting into wild of Mammillaria herrerae£1,500
2008Joao LaroccaDemographic survey of new Parodia gaucha. DNA check and search for new sites£1,000
2008Martin ScottProtect Euphorbia astrophora and E. breviram£1,500
2007OstolazaExplore Chancay and Chillon river basin, Peru. (Joint with Research Committee)£750
2006Ray StephensonRescue Three Sempervivum species from new dam site. Place in Turkish University Botanical Gardens
2006OstolazaStudy of cactus populations of Canete river valley
2005NewtonTissue culture of Aloe secundiflora for farmers to grow and harvest for medicinal use
2005Luis Roberto ToresHavana Leptocereus. Survey possible sites for three critically endangered species. Draw up a proposal to submit to Environmental Ministry for protection of plants found
2004VolkFencing on farm, of habitat of Bijlia dilatata in South Africa
2003Luis Roberto ToresMelocactus actinacanthus in Cuba. Investigate present population and increase it
2003OstolazaStudy of cactus populatios of Huaura river valley, N. of Lima, Peru. Part 2
2003MachadoFencing Melocactus conoideus in Bahia, Brazil. Local municipality involvement
2002OstolazaStudy of cactus populatios of Huaura river valley, N. of Lima, Peru
2001OakmanSurvey of Aloe perryi and Duvaliandra dioscoridison Socotra Island
2001SotomayorTurbinicarpus schmiedickeanus ssp.andersonii and T. jauernigii repopulation in habitat
2001KeislingSurvey to collect seed of Yavia cryptocarpa in N. Argentina for propagation to provide reasonably priced plants in order to discourage the sale of habitat plants in Europe
2001OstolazaStudy of cactus populations of San Juan river basin S. of Lima, Peru
2001AriasFencing to establish land ownership of Mammillaria albiflora site. Pozos, Guanajuato, Mexico
2000KeislingStudy of the population of Lobivia pugionacantha in Argentina
2000StegmanFencing on farm for habitat of Euphorbia obesa and others at Willmore S.A.
1999KieslingStudy conservation needs of Trichocereus smirzianus & Lobivia walteri
1999van JaarsveldSaphesia flaccida in Riverlands Nature Reserve, further clearance
1999OstolazaRescue Haageocereus tenuis and H. repens from irrigation and farming projects
1999van JaarsveldGasteria baylissiana replanting progress survey
1998Areces MalleasDetailed study of succulent flora of N.W. Haiti & Dominica
1998Cape Town Nat. Hist. Bot. Inst.Five Aloes project (re-introduction into habitats)
1998PritchardAssessment of Euphorbia polycephala in Craddock, E.Cape, S.A.
1997OstolazaStudy the needs of cacti in the Pisca, Ica & Nazca valleys
1996OstolazaCollection of threatened plants. (Part funded with other organisations)
1996Pretoria Botanic Inst.Re-establishment of Aloe suzanneae into habitat in Madagascar
1995OstolazaRescue plants from Lima shanty town development
1994KirstenbochReplant Gasteria baylissiana into habitat at Oudekraal
1994GlassWarden to protect Gymnocactus ysabelaenear Tula, Mexico
1993Cape NatureProtect Saphesia flaccida in Riverlands Nature Reserve by clearing alien vegetation

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