News from the Scientists

Effect of X-rays on Seedling Pigment, Biochemical Profile, and Molecular Variability in Astrophytum spp.
November 2023
Two New Species of Ceropegia (Apocynaceae) from Tropical Africa
August 2023
Global change impacts on cacti (Cactaceae): current threats, challenges and conservation solutions
July 2023
Ethnobotanical Uses and Potential Pharmaceutical Applications of the Cactaceae Family
January 2023
Uses, Knowledge and Extinction Risk Faced by Agave Species in Mexico
January 2023
Mating system of a Mammillaria magnimamma (Cactaceae) population of the semi-arid central Mexican region
January 2023
Prospects for the biological control of the invasive cactus, Opuntia stricta using Dactylopius opuntiae, under conditions of rising atmospheric CO2
November 2022
Potential of succulents for eczema-associated symptoms
October 2022
A Systematic Review on Opuntia (Cactaceae; Opuntioideae) Flower-Visiting Insects in the World with Emphasis on Mexico: Implications for Biodiversity Conservation
October 2022
A compendium of vivipary in the Cactaceae: new reports, data, and research prospects
October 2022