Antun Perkovic – Growing cacti from seed my way

Time: Tuesday 18 October 2022 at 7.30pm (BST)

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Antun Perkovic has been growing cacti for a few decades and his main interest is experimenting. Antun is always looking for ways to improve the way he tends to his plants, so that they grow better with minimum losses, while also trying to make it easier. Antun’s focus is on growing cacti from seed because it seems to him to be the most critical and the hardest part for many cactophiles and enthusiasts. Each time he experiments Antun endeavours to make some improvements which he is pleased to share with other enthusiasts because he believes that’s the way our hobby should be. After all, that’s the way he got started building his knowledge and expertise!

In this talk Antun will share his experience and show and explain what he does by following, via the presentation, two generations of seedlings, together with a few tips and tricks for more successful sowing & growing.

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